i.MX 8XLite System-on-Module

2 x Arm Cortex-A35, 1 x Cortex-M4F, 1.2GHz

  • Built-in V2X and V2I capabilities
  • Supports Ethernet, CAN, PCIe, and USB 2.0 for advanced communications
  • Small form factor and low power consumption
IMX8XL SOM block diagram 2023

SolidRun’s i.MX 8XLite System-on-Module provides OEMs and integrators with a powerful V2X vehicle communications platform

Based on Arm Cortex A35 technology, the NXP i.MX 8XLite system-on-module (SOM) provides fast, reliable, and secure V2X (vehicle-to-everything) networking.  The NXP i.MX 8XLite SOM is designed to enhance safety and security in a wide range of vehicle-oriented infrastructures and subsystems.  Available in 1- and 2-core configurations, the SOM features excellent real-time synchronization and control for a variety of industrial and smart-city applications.

The NXP i.MX 8XLite SOM features an array of high-speed interfaces – including Ethernet, PCIe Gen 3,  USB 2.0, and CAN-FD.  It is supported by the NXP longevity program, making it the optimal solution suited for advanced, vehicle-based communications applications.

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i.MX 8XLite Plus Starter Kit

The i.MX 8XLite Starter Kit serves as a comprehensive platform for both evaluation and application development purposes.  The starter kit includes the i.MX 8XLite SOM, the HummingBoard i.MX 8XLite Carrier Board, and an array of accessories, providing product developers with a complete V2X communications system.

i.MX8XL HummingBoard Kit
  • Connecting Transportation Infrastructure

    The SolidRun NXP i.MX 8XLite system-on-module supports V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) transmissions between the vehicle and the road infrastructure, which is comprised of embedded Road Side Units (RSUs) that are equipped with V2I chipsets.  The RSUs control crucial “smart transport” devices, allowing emergency vehicles to safely run red lights when required, and alerting autonomous vehicles to road hazards in the immediate vicinity.

  • Cost-Optimized Flexibility

    The flexible SolidRun NXP i.MX 8XLite SOM’s is designed for cost-optimization, supporting reduced assembly options.  Contact your SolidRun representative for customization information.


    The SolidRun provides a complete V2X hardware solution thanks to the optional carrier that provides a full set of wireless interfaces (Cellular, WiFi ac, Bluetooth) and the complete connectivity for vehicle or infrastructure systems on a single automotive connector. That allows OEM to focus on their application software and hardware integration for a short time to market.


    SolidRun V2X offers a full solution including ieee802.11p communication, security, GNSS, IMU, all driven by a powerful dual core 64 bits SoC. All that in only 55 x 30mm that makes it a perfect fit for any aftermarket solutions even with a very limited onboard space.

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To simplify development and deployment for our customers, SolidRun software R&D teams will provide:
– Optimized BSP.
– Stable long-term support for select distributions.
– Ongoing contributions to mainline projects and community initiatives.
All of our public source code is available at our GitHub page.


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SolidRun Developer Center is a knowledgebase platform that contains hundreds of articles covering topics like getting started, product documentation and reference designs, in-depth software articles, software development guidelines and much more. New articles are added on a weekly basis by our hardware and software engineers.

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i.MX 8XLite V2X Telematics

CPU DetailsNXP i.MX 8XLite Automotive grade
2 x Cortex A35
1 x Cortex M4F
CPU Speed1.2GHz Industrial / Automotive
RAM1GB LPDDR4 with inline ECC
Optional – 2GB LPDDR4
Internal StorageStarting from 8GB eMMC (Default)
External Storage SupportNOR-Flash
SD, USB 2.0
Ethernet1 RGMII

(The ethernet switch and phy on
the carrier board)

SecurityIEEEE802.11P (DSRC) Transceiver Dual NXP SAF5400 (2x u-FL)
HSM NXP SFX1800 – V2X security
NavigationGNSS U-blox M10 (1x u-FL)
IMU 9 axis (6 + 3)
Pressure sensor ( Altimeter )
USB 2.02
JTAGTest point header
Embedded LinuxLinux ( Yocto or Debian)
Including API for DSRC subsystem
Size50 x 35 mm
Interface2 x Hirose DF12NC Automotive connectors
Main Voltage5V
I/O Voltage3.3V/ 1.8V
TemperatureIndustrial: -40°C to 85°C
Industrial Extendend: -40°C to 105°C
HumidityHumidity (Non-condensing): 10% – 90%
HummingBoard imx8 XL Sideways Slider
HummingBoard i.MX 8XLite V2X Telematics
I/OsAll I/O on 50 pins automotive Molex connector:
– Power
– 1xUSB2.0
– Ethernet 100BT
– Ethernet T1
– 2xCAN-FD
– 2x GPIO IN on optocouplers
– 2x GPIO OUT on relay
Networking1 x 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet
1 x 100BASE-T
1 x 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi and Bluetooth5 (2.4/5 GHz) with
u-FL antenna connector
1 x Cellular 4G with fallback on 3G/2G with SIM holder. 2x u-FL antenna connectors
ProcessorNXP i.MX 8XLite Dual core Arm Cortex A35 automotive with IEEE802.11P transceiver, security, GNSS M10Q and IMU 9 axis
Memory & Storage1GB LPDDR4 (Default) up to 2GB LPDDR4
From 8GB eMMC
Misc.Reset Button
RTC with battery
Power7-36V with RP protection and power cranking management on Molex connector
TemperatureIndustrial: -40°C to 85°C
DimensionsPCBA: 55 x 30mm
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Coming Soon

Please use the template below to create the configuration you are interested in.

Since there are many options for each SOM configuration, it is not possible to keep all of them in stock. Because of this, SolidRun provides off-the-shelf configurations with high-runner part numbers, please visit our shop to review all of them.

Choose your IMX8XLite SOM configuration:

Part number structure
Fixed parameterCPU TypeDSRC ModemMemoryeMMCRevisionTemperatureFixed parameter
Options for parameters
Fixed parameterCPU TypeDSRCMemoryeMMCRevisionTemperatureFixed parameter
SR8XLSO = i.MX 8XLite Solo
8XLDU = i.MX 8XLite Dual
W00 = No DSRC
W2X = Include DSRC
D01G = 1GB
D02G = 2GB
E000 = No eMMC
E008 = 8GB
E016 = 16GB
E032 = 32GB
E064 = 64GB
V10I = Industrial
A = Industrial Extended

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