SolidRun System-on-Module (SOM)

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Why Choose a SolidRun System-on-Module (SOM)?

SOMs help accelerate development schedules and reduce costs by eliminating the complexity of the computing architecture, allowing developers to focus on solution innovation.  

SolidRun SOMs offer a number of distinct advantages, thanks to our decades of collective experience in creating powerful, cost-effective modules for the worldwide development community:

Market-Leading Partnerships

SolidRun partners with leading-edge microprocessor vendors in order to keep its customers at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Ready-to-use Carriers

For each of our SOMs, SolidRun makes available an off-the-shelf carrier that can be used either as a reference board or for immediate deployment in the field – further shortening development schedules and reducing time-to-market.

Robust Platform

Field-proven SolidRun SOMs are certified for quality and reliability, and maintain high levels of performance under extreme levels of heat, cold, vibrations, and humidity.

Outstanding Technical Support

Need technical support? It’s as easy as a click – just fill out the form on SolidRun’s contact page.  Or send us mail at [email protected].  You’ll receive a response within two business days.

Future-Proof Solutions

SolidRun leads the way to the future, stressing pin compatibility within its product families.  This provides customers with optimal flexibility when integrating new technologies into existing products, or re-scaling the processor in accordance with changing cost/performance requirements.

Developer Support Center

The easy-to-use SolidRun Developer Center allows developers to find all the technical resources they need to integrate SolidRun products into their systems. It includes the most up-to-date documentation and links to other useful resources, such as the SolidRun Development Community Forum, and the technical support inquiry page.

Pinout Planner Tool

SolidRun’s Pinout Planner is an innovative web tool intended to assist in planning the pin configuration of carrier boards designed to accommodate the various SOM modules.

Engineering Project Support

When customizations or assembly options are required for special projects, SolidRun partners with its customers to design and produces hardware and software that are tailored to customer requirements.

Embedded Development Made Easy

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Build Your Device

Countless variations based on configurable parameters such as CPU Core count, memory & storage, radio connectivity and environmental requirements.

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Assembly Options

Each SolidRun product can be customized by removing unnecessary connectors and features to reduce cost and optimize the SBC to project exact requirements.

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Customization & Branding

We go the extra mile, have specific requirements? Contact us for NRE options to outsource the complexity of product design by re-using our building blocks.

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