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Renesas RZ Family Overview

SolidRun’s RZ/G2 family of SOMs provides a new level of functionality and performance for demanding IoT and industrial applications.  The RZ/G2 SOMs leverage powerful Renesas Arm-based processors whose interfaces support a wide range of uses, from high-bandwidth communications to machine learning to high-definition image processing.  The RZ/G2 SOMs’ superior engineering is backed by SolidRun’s outstanding integration and customization support for its developer community.

Renesas RZ/G2LC

 Cortex® A55

Renesas RZ/G2UL

 Cortex® A55

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Renesas RZ/G2UL SOM

The Renesas RZ/G2UL SOM is a low-end and cost-effective System-on-Module (SOM) that is designed for use in embedded applications. It is based on the Arm Cortex-A55 processor and features a range of connectivity options, including Ethernet, camera input, USB, and serial interfaces. The SOM is small in size and has a low power consumption, making it suitable for use in compact and energy-efficient systems. It also includes support for various operating systems, including Linux, making it easy to integrate into a wide range of applications.

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Renesas RZ/G2LC SOM

SolidRun’s RZ/G2LC SOM embeds a single/dual-core Arm Cortex-A55 1.2 GHz CPU, an Arm Mali-G31 graphics engine, and a 16-bit DDR3L/DDR4 memory connection.  It features industrial-grade Gigabit Ethernet, USB, CAN-FD and MIPI-standard video interfaces.  The RZ/G2LC is form-factor-compatible with the RZ/G2UL for design simplicity.

HummingBoard pulse 1

HummingBoard RZ/G2LC SBC

The HummingBoard RZ/G2LC Single Board Computer (SBC) is the key to a quick new-product development cycle, and is based on the powerful and versatile Renesas RZ/G2LC SOM.  Ready for out-of-the box use, it can serve as a reference board for a variety of innovative applications.

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