Our products were displayed in NXP, Hailo, Renesas, Future Electronics and AMI booths.
IoT, embedded, industrial PC, networking, edge AI and gateways.

A Com Express Type 7 module by SolidRun built around AMD‘s RyzenEmbedded V3000 Zen 3 APU. Designed to deliver new levels of processing power, thermal efficiency and high-speed I/O connectivity in a compact, cost effective standard CEX7 form factor, it provides scalable compute and I/O performance for a wide range of storage, networking and edge systems.

Join us, with our partners NXP and Hailo as we deep dive into the features that we have contributed to the HummingBoard 8P Edge AI platform and how it moves the needle bringing class leading machinelearning inferencing to the embedded edge. Leveraging multiple AI accelerators we are able to provide up to 28.8TOPS of compute in under 10 Watts, for advanced methods like ensemble inferencing as well as tiered collaborative inferencing methods.

The HummingBoard RZ/G2LC SBC is a powerful, yet low-cost Renesas-based Arm Single Board Computer (SBC) that provides the superior performance required for a wide array of applications – from image processing to networking to artificial intelligence.

The HummingBoard 8P Edge AI enables inference at the edge for a variety of use cases such as Smart Cameras and Surveillance, Industrial IoT, agriculture and retail. The advantages of edge computing devices rather than relying solely on centralized cloud-based processing are mainly: real-time processing, reduced Latency, bandwidth Savings and Privacy and Security.

Bedrock V3000 Basic is a compact high-performance fanless industrial PC based on AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 Processor, designed for demanding applications in harsh environments.

SolidWAN wide portfolio SD-WAN Hardware. SolidWAN hardware optimized for software-defined networking solutions for Home Offices, SMB, Enterprise and Edge. Built for all environmental conditions range between 0°C to 70°C, or for more extreme conditions between -40°C to 75°C.

A discussion video with our partners Texas Instruments presenting our TI AM64x based SOM and Carrier.

An explanation video with our Renesas partner about our newly announced RZ/G2 based system on a module. These new SOMs are uniquely engineered and positioned as an ideal solution for AI-enhanced human-machine-interface (HMI) applications, industrial and building automation, video surveillance, IoT solutions and more.

An introductory video for our newly announced TI AM64X based system on a module. This industrial focused SOC provides all the features needed to build devices targeting the Industry 4.0 standards. 

Easy Development for i.MX 8 & LX216x Based Applications

SolidRun’s session in NXP Connect 2021. Learn how SystemReady standards is simplifying platform development, and how SolidRun provides application-ready platforms based on NXP i.MX 8, Layerscape LX2 and i.MX 8XLite powerful processors.

SolidRun’s NXP Based Products

SolidRun proud to be NXP gold partner, provides OEMs powerful application-ready compute and networking platforms based on NXP i.MX 8, Layerscape LX2 and i.MX 8XLite powerful processors.

CN9130 System on Module

SolidRun’s Marvell based CN9130 SOM is designed for next-generation intelligent networking, security, and edge computing applications. The system on a module packs the CPU, power management, memory, and storage all in a 50 x 35mm package allowing compact and modular designs.

SolidSense N8 Compact – Edge Gateway with Wirepas

Available in several configurations, SolidSense N8 Compact edge gateways create powerful wireless IoT networks and are ideal for smart building, lighting, and other enterprises.

HummingBoard Mate – Carrier board Based on i MX 8M Plus

Mate is our most cost-effective carrier for our iMX8M Plus SOM. Leveraging all the functionality built onto the SOM itself, the Mate only includes the most requested connections from our customers.

Cubox-M Mini PC – Based on NXP’s i.MX 8M Plus

The CuBox-M is a product that brings simplicity and aesthetics to a market saturated with bare board alternatives. For headless operations the CuBox can perform your tasks with as little as a single cable connected.

SolidSense Industrial – Demo with ADI

SolidRun and Build with ADI introduce SolidSense N6 Industrial Edge Gateway. SolidSense is a powerful and ruggedized gateway, offering unique connectivity options designed for a variety of harsh and demanding industrial applications.

SolidRun Cubox-M – i.MX 8M Plus NXP Based

Featuring the same well-known SolidRun’s fanless computer form factor, CuBox-M and its iMX8M Plus based SOM adds 2.3 TOPs of neural network acceleration inside. This makes it the perfect quick to market solution for your latest vision processing application.

SolidRun i.MX 8M Plus System on Module

SolidRun’s i.MX 8M Plus Computer-on-Module and HummingBoard SBC Family introduction. Watch how OEMs and integrators can create and deploy power-efficient solutions with advanced building blocks at the edge.

SolidSense N6 – Industrial IoT Edge Gateway

SolidRun’s new Industrial Edge gateway, offering unique connectivity options designed for a variety of harsh and demanding industrial applications.

i.MX8M Mini SOM- NXP’s Embedded module with AI capabilities

i.MX8M Mini SOM offer a compact System-on-Module platform with robust processing power and optional artificial intelligence acceleration using Gyrfalcon’s Lightspeeur® 2803S Neural Accelerator.

HoneyComb LX2K – Ultimate Mini ITX Arm Workstation

HoneyComb LX2K is a cutting-edge Mini ITX platform for heavy duty network computing!

ClearFog GTR A385 – NVR PoE Networking

Introducing the ClearFog GTR A385 family of Network Video Recording (NVR), scalable, A385-based networking platforms.

HummingBoard Ripple AI Inference Gateway

Introducing HummingBoard Ripple AI Gateway – featuring i.MX8M Mini SOM with AI acceleration chip and wealth of connectivity options – for simple and scalable implementation of machine learning at the edge!

SolidRun SolidSense Edge Gateway

Get to know SolidSense – the powerful and versatile new edge gateway built for an almost endless range of Internet of Things, Industrial Automation and network edge applications.

SolidRun LX2160A based COM Express type 7

New COM platform based on NXP’s robust 16 core network computing processor.

HummingBoard Pulse

Discover the brand new NXP i.MX8M based embedded family – including the tiny i.MX8M System on Module, HummingBoard Pulse single board computer and CuBox Pulse fanless mini PC.

SolidRun Introduces the new Intel Braswell Family

Introducing the backbone of the Intel Braswell embedded family.

HummingBoard Gate

HummingBoard-Gate is the first applications processor board to include an integrated mikroBUS™ socket offering zero hardware configuration and simple connectivity to MikroElektronika’s wide range of click add-on boards.

Do Your Thing – CuBox-i

Make your TV smarter, build your own home theater or use your favorite OS to get creative!

HummingBoard – THE Board for Makers

A powerful and affordable solution for your project!

Meet the HummingBoard – an overview

Discover the HummingBoard’s many rich features – a walk-through demonstration of your new SBC.

CuBox-i The World’s Smallest Computer Ever

Discover the smallest computer in the world – all the power you want at a price you can afford, ideal for your fantasy home media center.


iMX8MP Camera and Vision Processing

In this weeks DevCuts we cover using the Basler Camera system with our i.MX 8M Plus based systems, and some tweaks that can be used to get the best performance out of a vision processing pipeline using the on board neural network accelerator.

 i.MX 8M Plus BSP Update

We are excited to announce the latest BSP software release for our i.MX 8M Plus based SOMs and Carriers. This software release brings full functionality and refined features to our entire lineup of products using this SOC, including the HummingBoard lineup, CuBox-M, and Basler Camera Kit.

HoneyComb Desktop Configuration

In the second part of the HoneyComb Aarch64 Desktop installation and configuration we pick up where we left off after the Distro Install. This episode focuses on the quirks and workarounds you can use as a HoneyComb desktop user for the most stable and bug free experience.

HoneyComb Distro Install

DevCuts is our new casual web series where developers cover SolidRun hardware and software for developers and users. We will do episodes on general use, specific software development efforts, and interesting features. In this first episode we do a generic Fedora 35 installation on our HoneyComb LX2K platform.

SolidRun Developer Center Platform

SolidRun is pleased to launch our new Developer Center platform. The platform is a one-stop shop where developers can find all the technical resources they need to integrate SolidRun products into their systems.

Serial Console Access setup on SolidRun products

A quick tutorial for setting up Serial Console Access on a range of SolidRun platforms.

Ignition Tutorial

A quick and easy to follow tutorial for setting up Ignition.

How to connect cables and peripherals to your CuBox-i

Demonstration of how to connect your HDMI and ethernet cables, disc on key and other peripherals to your CuBox-i.

What to do if your LED light does not turn on

Try this simple solution if your LED light is not working.

Developer Center Overview

A quick overview on our new Developer Center – including a wide range of developer resources, documentation, software and hardware guides, spec tables and much more.

What to do if your LED light does not turn on

Demonstration of connecting various cables and peripherals to your HummingBoard SBC.


SolidRun – Embedded World 2019

Overview of SolidRun’s exhibition at Embedded World, Nuremberg.

SolidRun – ACT Munich 2016

Overview of SolidRun’s exhibition in Arrow’s ACT event at Munich.

SolidRun – Intel’s IoT Partner

SolidRun joins Intel’s diverse IoT ecosystem of partners.

About SolidRun

A short video introducing SolidRun’s product and unique approach.

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