NXP Layerscape® LX2 Family

Cutting-Edge Layerscape 16 core
Network Computing

NXP’s LX2 family of Layerscape 64-bit Arm® Cortex® A72 processors introduce a new standard of network computing power. With 8-, 12- and 16-core variants available, these high-performance SoCs and are ideal for driving edge networking and IoT applications.

Offering cutting-edge computing performance, robust packet offload and Ethernet controllers, SolidRun’s LX2 family of products provide high-speed communications and processing in flexible, compact, and energy-efficient platforms.

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CEx7 LX2160A COM Express type 7

The LX2160A CEx7 Computer on Module is designed for network solution flexibility and is based on the COM Express Type 7 form factor. Harnessing the NXP Layerscape LX2160A SoC with 16 Arm Cortex-A72 CPU cores, 4 x 10GbE SFP+, and multiple PCIe Gen 3 lanes, this COM offers plenty of bandwidth for data path processing on multiple networking layers.

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SOM LX2162A side top slider 1

LX2-Lite SOM

SolidRun’s LX2-Lite System-on-Module is a high-performance and flexible platform intended to support dense and compact appliance designs at the network’s edge. Our ultra-compact SOM packs the power of an NXP LX2162A processor, boasting up to 16 Cortex A72 cores running at 2GHz and can be equipped with up to 32GB of DDR4. As with all SolidRun SOMs, the LX2-Lite SOM packs onboard memory, eMMC storage, and power management in a compact form factor.


HoneyComb LX2

The powerful HoneyComb LX2 is a revolutionary Arm workstation that is tailor-made for high-end Arm based solution development. HoneyComb harnesses the robust performance of NXP’s Layerscape LX2160A’s 16 Arm Cortex A72 CPU cores and provides a feature-rich, highly connectable platform for flexible development.

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HoneyComb LX2 1U Server

Dual Sled servers made for native server farms, and designed to reduce footprint in racks by integrating two computer units into a 1U chassis. Built based on highly integrated SoCs and motherboards with multi Network ports at up to 100GbE, PCIe extensions for GPU or acceleration, NVMe M.2 for storage and USB3.0. The platforms run any Linux or BSD based distribution out of the box, try out VMWare ESXi, or demo Windows 10 Enterprise.

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ClearFog LX2-Lite

The ClearFog LX2-Lite was designed to maximize the capabilities of our LX2162A System On Module (SOM), making it a modular and scalable development platform for various Networking applications (SD-WAN, Firewall, NFV, DPU, etc.). ClearFog LX2-Lite supports up to 16 ARM A72 cores @2GHz, 32GB DDR4 on-board RAM and features 6-8x 1Gbps RJ45, 2x SFP+ 10GbE 2x SFP28 25GbE, mPCIe with Dual SIM card (USB2.0/PCIe x1) for LTE,  mPCIe for WiFi6 (PCIe x1). All networking ports are connected directly to SoC making this platform an ideal carrier board for cutting-edge network computing. In addition, ClearFog LX2-Lite supports optional OCP standard RunBMC Management Board.

ClearFog CX LX2

ClearFog CX LX2

The ClearFog CX was designed to maximize the capabilities of our COM Express Type 7 modules, making it a modular and scalable Mini ITX carrier board. Harnessing the power of our LX2160A COM Express 7 module, ClearFog CX LX2 supports up to 64GB DDR4 RAM and features 4 x 10GbE SFP+, 1 x QSFP28 100GbE cage, M.2, and open slot PCIe x8 – making this an ideal carrier board for cutting-edge network computing.

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