NXP Connect 2021

Easy Development for i.MX 8 & LX216x Based Applications

Traditional embedded devices were generally designed to be very purpose built and deployed in a homogenous computing environment. With the rise of modern edge computing we see a shift on how this category of device is designed, deployed and updated. We need to not only take into account that these devices are always connected to the internet and require frequent updates to address any security issues that may arise, but also that they will more than likely be deployed along with other systems to meet the demanding and diverse needs of work being done on the edge. Management of large deployment of devices is already a resource intensive task and the effort becomes exponentially more difficult if each deployment has their own method of doing routine maintenance like security and firmware updates. This is why SolidRun is happy to embrace the SystemReady standards set forth by Arm and the overall platform strategy laid out by Project Cassini.

Leveraging the work done by NXP along with Arm, we are in the process of providing SystemReady ES or IR firmware for the majority of our catalog of hardware platforms. To go into further details on this topic we provide this video presentation on SolidRun’s strategy for SystemReady firmware, and how we see it shaping software and hardware maintenance and development for products based on our platforms. We hope you find the video informative and if you have any additional inquiries please feel free to reach out to us.

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