What is a System-on-Module (SOM)?

Embedded solution with a small form factor and ready-to-use features

som on carrier black

A System-on-Module (SOM) – also known as a Computer-on-Module (COM) – is a printed circuit board with an embedded microprocessor, memory chips, peripheral interface controllers, power management circuits, and a timing source.  In order to operate as a fully functional computer, the SOM is mounted on a carrier board, which contains the electrical and communications connectors needed to provide power and enable external communications. 

In addition, SOMs are typically supplied with operating systems, device drivers, and board support packages, enabling product teams to significantly shorten software development schedules.

SOMs allow product developers to reduce development times, since the complexities of the computing architecture are as handled within the module – allowing the developers to focus on what they do best – bring innovative new solutions to the market.

Enhance Your Business

  • Quicken Time-to-Market

    The SOM is provided with reliable, development-ready hardware and software, eliminating risk, and allowing product engineers to immediately begin creating new applications. 

  • Pin compatibility

    Customers can move from one solution to another by re-using the same carrier board design and access latest technologies.

  • Access to Innovation

    SOMs give developers access to new and innovative technologies – without the costly knowledge ramp-up and infrastructure build-out.

  • Economy of scale

    Aggregation of orders for a common building block reduces the costs for the end customer.

  • Eliminate Complexity

    Design complexities related to the SoC’s firmware, memory, power management, and external interfaces are handled within the SOM.  Developers benefit from a simplified product platform.

  • Maximize flexibility

    The SOM’s Small footprint and the simplicity of the  simple carrier board design allow for maximum design flexibility.

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