A Launch of Highly Compact TI AM64x System on Module for Robotics & Automation Applications

Compact TI AM64x SOM
SolidRun’s TI AM64x SOM, with Acontis’ EtherCAT Master Stack, provides a complete solution for implementing industrial Ethernet protocols and controlling sets of motors for robotics.

SolidRun announces the release of the highly compact TI AM64x System on Module (SOM) based on the Arm®-based AM64x processor family from Texas Instruments (TI).

The TI AM64x SOM implements a combination of features for robotics and automation applications. These features include:

  • Two Arm Cortex®-A53 64-bit CPUs for Linux™ applications (Debian or Yocto).
  • Four Cortex®-R5F CPUs for real-time applications (FreeRTOS or Zephyr).
  • 2 Programmable Real-Time Units (PRUs) for executing RISC instruction sets, for processing Ethernet frames, or for controlling several sets of PWM outputs.

This makes the TI AM64x SOM the ideal tool for implementing industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT, Profinet, TSN, and controlling sets of motors for robotics.

The TI AM64x SOM from SolidRun measures only 47 x 30 mm and offers a full system that can be
connected to an I/O card through board-to-board connectors, reducing the time and risk on
development for new solutions based on the TI AM64x processor family. To speed up development
further, SolidRun is offering fully equipped I/O (HummingBoard) boards, removing the need for any
hardware development. These carrier boards can be optimized and adapted for mass production
either by the customer or by SolidRun.

For implementing EtherCAT, SolidRun is partnering with Acontis to bring their EC-Master software to our TI AM64x SOM platform. Acontis Technologies is a leading provider of EtherCAT technology,
Windows real-time software, and Real-Time Hypervisor Technology. EtherCAT Master Stack EC-Master is a leading product in EtherCAT Industrial Communications.

Many important companies worldwide rely on the quality and rich amount of functionality offered by EC-Master for their EtherCAT controller products. The EtherCAT Technology Group’s engagement in several working groups ensures full compliance with EtherCAT standards and interoperability with all available EtherCAT slave devices.

Acontis EC-Engineer software serves as a powerful EtherCAT configuration and diagnosis tool, which
can be integrated into customer applications. Acontis’ real-time EtherCAT network simulation
software EC-Simulator enables testing and commissioning of an EtherCAT network without real slave

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