SolidRun’s TI AM64x SOM Cuts Dev Time for Secure Industrial IoT & Robotics

TI AM64X2 som only

We’re pleased to unveil a new SOM powered by the AM64x processor family from Texas Instruments (TI). These SOMs boast best-in-class real-time and low-latency processing, and were engineered to fast track industrial IoT, robotics and mission critical communications hardware development. 

AM64x SOMs are ideal for applications that require a combination of precise real-time processing and application processing, and come equipped with two Cortex A53 cores for OS-level and applications processing, up to four Cortex R5F cores for real-time computing, servo control and functional safety, and an isolated Cortex M4 MCU channel for error monitoring. 

Beyond processing, these SOMs include onboard eMMC storage and up to three gigabit Ethernet physical layer transceivers. These SOMs can be optioned with TI’s CC1312 multiprotocol and multiband SimpleLink wireless MCU for sub 1GHz communication. They also feature a ton innovation for mission-critical applications, including an integrated MCU subsystem and diagnostic libraries, inline ECC, an isolated Cortex-M4 core that can work independently from the SoC, secure boot with hardware-enforced root of trust and more.

To maximize the AM6442 processor’s multi-protocol industrial ethernet support, the SOM leverages two built-in gigabit industrial communications subsystems (PRU-ICSSG) that support industrial ethernet protocols such as Profinet IRT, Profinet RT, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). Paired with high-speed PCIe, USB 3.0 and integrated ethernet switch interfaces, as well as general industrial connectivity options like UART, I2C, CAN and ADC, the SOM is the ideal foundation for industrial communications systems, factory automation, industrial robot and machinery control, industrial gateways, M2M communication and much more. 

As with all SolidRun SOMs, this module is tiny, and measures in at 30 x 47mm. Architected using TI’s efficient 16nm FinFET production technology, these new TI AM64x processor-based SOMs consume little power, support fanless designs, and are robust to extreme environments ranging from -40°C to 85°C. 

SolidRun also offers Hummingboard-T AM64X Base and Hummingboard-T AM64X Pro carrier boards that are perfect for prototyping with the AM64x processor-equipped SOMs.

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