This Tiny SoM Unlocks Massive Networking Capabilities

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It’s no secret; between the race to building bigger, better 5G and increasingly complex services, analytics and network functions migrating to the edge, the need for ultra-high-performance networking appliances has never been greater. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new line of mini, embedded System-on-Module (SoM) solutions powered by the powerful OCTEON TX2 CN9130 quad-core Arm Cortex A72 processors from Marvell. Tiny, but mighty with a 50 x 35mm PCB footprint, these network-centric SoMs are equipped with a powerful CPU, power management subsystem, memory, flash storage, I/O and interconnected subsystems to deliver incredible network capabilities, while consuming just 11-Watts of power! 

SolidRun’s CN9130 mini provides the foundation for developers to create next-gen commercial and industrial intelligent networking, security and edge-computing applications, such as 5G base stations, routers and gateways, edge servers, software-defined networking applications and high-speed network storage. 

Always forward-thinking, SolidRun continues to develop new SoMs with footprint, pin compatibility and shared software resources in mind to help customers future-proof their products. With the same form factor and pin layout as SolidRun’s A38x SoM, the CN9130 SoM is a direct-replacement upgrade for existing A38x users. 

Pair the CN9130 SoM with the ClearFog CN9130 Pro and ClearFog CN9130 Base, network-centric carrier boards able to be deployed as-is for quick prototyping and expediting time-to-market for new products, allowing manufacturers to leapfrog the competition by dramatically reducing device engineering time or allow developers to quickly prototype bespoke applications. Both offer next generation computing and networking performance, as well as flexible power and connectivity options. 

The CN9130 SoM and ClearFog family of carrier boards are available now. For more information about our Marvell OCTEON TX2-based products, click here

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