SolidRun Joins Arm’s SystemReady Compliant Partners


SolidRun is excited to officially announce that the HoneyComb LX2K is certified as a SystemsReady ES compliant platform. Compliance to this standard means that use of this hardware is no longer locked to a specific vendor BSP, but instead opens the doors for any standards compliant operating system to boot and have basic hardware functionality “just work”. As a reference you can see on the validation page, the extensive list of operating system options that are already tested and running on HoneyComb. We are truly achieving a “PC” like experience with our platform.

What this means to our customers is that they can focus on integrating their software onto our platform without the added step of acclimating to a board specific software environment. Instead they can take any off the shelf Linux distribution, or BSD based variant and simply install it onto the hardware and start development or testing. Alternatively if you are doing R&D for the future you can grab an VMWare ESXi Fling image or Windows Developer Edition Aarch64 build and see how these platforms run on Arm hardware.

Many developers have already embraced HoneyComb as their standards-compliant hardware of choice, and we have been proud to collaborate and work with them.  While the ServerReady standard has existed for close to a decade now, the SystemReady ES variant was only announced in September of 2020 which relaxed the requirements to make it more applicable to non-datacenter-focused hardware but keeping the most important standardization requirements.  Finally Arm focused software developers could attain hardware that was capable to be a workstation or micro-server in their hands and push the ecosystem further ahead, and they are taking full advantage of it.  The response has been truly impressive.

Arm SystemReady ES logo

On a closing note, I would like to point out that HoneyComb is based on a Com Express Type 7 module that features NXP’s LX2160a 16-core SOC.  All of the compliant hardware is located on the CEX7 module itself which means that the certification process for future platforms utilizing this module will be much simpler.  We already have customers using our EDK2 based firmware on their own custom platforms based on our LX2160a CEX7 and seeing the same “works out of the box” software installation with very little modification.  This is the ultimate vision for the SystemsReady standards and we are delighted to say it is a success.

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