iMX6 SOM – System On Module

All the Design Flexibility and Power You Need to Get Your Product Out and Stay Ahead of the Game

Embedded system product developers and device makers and OEMs can now drastically shorten their development cycle and reduce time to market, with SolidRun’s Micro-System on a Module (MicroSoM™) family. We’ve packed a NXP-Freescale i.MX6 SoC (System-on-Chip), memory subsystem, power management subsystem, networking and system interconnectivity into a single ultra-compact system on module ARM board.


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System on Module micosom-i4pro-01

Your Key to the IoT

SolidRun’s MicroSoM technology can set you at a much more advanced position compared to your competitors, so you can swiftly bring to market the new IoT (Internet of Things) killer application.


Provides High Compatibility and High Speed

SolidRun’s iMX6 SOM runs the popular Linux and Android operating systems. It comes in four standard configurations, featuring a wide range of high performance processors (ARM Cortex-A9 single up to quad core, and running as fast as 1.2 GHz) and standard I/Os (e.g. HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, Serial-ATA, USB). Customized configurations are available as well.


Reduces Design Risk

The iMX6 SOM dramatically simplifies your design process, and enables you to move forward with components that are easy to integrate, supported and fully tested. Our comprehensive production-level designs for the CuBox-i carrier and HummingBoard carrier boards are also provided, to be used as reference.


Gives Total Design Freedom

At just 47mm by 30 mm, our MicroSoM is the smallest SOM available today, within its high performance category – nearly as small as the sum of its components. That means total freedom in floor planning with virtually no restrictions on the end product’s final shape or size – setting you free to create your ideal design.


Enables Customization

The SolidRun MicroSoM focuses on bringing you the most essential and complex to implement features, enabling you to customize your end product system design according to your specific requirements – nothing extraneous and no redundancy.


Lowers Cost

By aggregating orders we are able to negotiate better pricing of individual components, which directly benefits our customers – along with their significant savings in R&D cost.

SolidRun’s iMX6 SOM

System on Module - microsom-top-transparent

What’s your SOM?

Single/Dual Core:


SOM i1

The entry level SOM featuring a single core and 512 MByte of DRAM with a 1GHz processor.

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SOM i2

Expands the capabilities of the single core SOM-i1 with a dual lite CPU and 1GByte of DRAM.

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SOM i2eX

Introduces better capabilities such as a higher end processing power and a dual CPU.

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Quad Core:


SOM i4Pro

Adds capabilities such as quad core CPU, 2GByte DRAM, and GigaBit Ethernet.

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SOM i4×4

Expands the memory size to 4GB DRAM along with a Quad Core CPU .

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