SolidRun’s iMX6 SOM powers up the Organelle

Over the years we have seen quite a few of interesting and great applications that make use of our iMX6 family System-on-Module and this one is no different. The Organelle by Critter & Guitari is a device that takes the approach of making and creating music to a whole new level.

Inside the Organelle you will find SolidRun’s Single Core 1Ghz 512MB iMX6 SoM that runs this system. The Organelle allows users to create, combine, make and explore new sounds using patches that allow the device to take on different forms and features. Customers are also able to create and share patches, which are available online and for all on Critter & Guitari’s website, all material is Open Source. You will also be able to configure the buttons to suite your wishes and needs, allowing the creator a fully flexible set of tools for creating your next masterpiece.

For more info about the Organelle click here.

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