ClearFog – Single Board Computer (SBC)

ClearFog Pro – The First Open Development Kit SBC Based on Marvell’s New ARMADA 38X SoC

Discover the endless potential of the powerful ARM based boards of ClearFog. The family includes the ClearFog Pro and ClearFog Base (coming soon). Harnessing the robust processing abilities of the ARMADA 38x SoC from Marvell, the ClearFog offers vast application potential as a flexible development board or a ready to deploy solution.
Alongside the powerful ARMADA 38x SoC, the ClearFog includes a variety of I/O and connectivity technologies such as multiple mini-PCIe/mSATA sockets, audio/telephony module header, PoE expansion header, mikroBUS™ – a simple socket allowing you to integrate a wide range of MikroElektronika click boards™ modular extensions.

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We Made It Easy

The ClearFog was designed to allow easy and quick customization projects, all of the effort and intelligence lies in our MicroSoM, this allows customers to focus on their custom carrier boards in order to provide rapid prototype and lower costs. All of the documentation is available on our website for help and guidance.


Tailor Made

With our customers in mind, we know that one shoe does not fit all. Customers can choose from various types of options such as processing power, memory size and storage (eMMC), accessories and more. This concept allows flexibility and customers can scale up or down when needed.


Right Tool For The Job

Using the ARAMADA 38x SoC we were able dramatically simplify the development time and increase accessibility both for development and mass deployment. This allows customers to use our platform as a building block to help generate revenues faster and reduce TTM.


Software Development

ClearFog has two official distributions, Yocto and OpenWrt. Yocto has gained a lot of popularity in the past years as the OS of choice for embedded solutions allowing a stable, robust and secure development and deployment. OpenWrt based on the Linux kernel, primarily used on embedded devices to route network traffic.

Feature Rich

The ClearFog SBC family provided access to various I/Os such as GigE port, 6 –port GigE switch, SFP cage, dual Mini- PCIe, M.2, SIM card holder, mikroBUS socket and much more.
Combined, the ClearFog is the perfect board for developers and engineers for networking, routing, storage and IoT gateway applications.


Custom Made Enclosure

For those who plan on using the ClearFog in a harsh environment, we have developed a custom enclosure that features a high end aluminium casing, indication LEDs, space for WiFi antennas with easy assembly.

ClearFog Pro – A Gateway To Build From

ClearFog Pro