SolidRun Levels the Networking Playing Field: New Kit Lets Small Manufacturers Leapfrog Established Players

ClearFog Base is the first telecom-grade platform designed to expedite the design phase of high-performance office and residential networking and storage hardware solutions

TEL AVIV, August 3, 2016

SolidRun, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance System on Module (SoM) solutions, Single Board Computers (SBC) and Industrial PCs, today announced availability of its new ClearFog Base™ SBC, which will enable manufacturers and enthusiasts to quickly and easily design telecom-grade routers capable of Gigabit speed with integrated home server capabilities.

This powerful off-the-shelf open development kit is based on the Marvell Armada 38x SoC platform and will be available to network hardware and storage appliance manufacturers as well as DIY enthusiasts. Compared to the ClearFog Pro™, the ClearFog Base greatly reduces device footprint requirements while retaining performance and flexibility. The software for ClearFog Base is open source based on OpenWrt, offering users access to hundreds of different programs, and real-time updates which future-proof the capabilities and security of the product. With OpenWrt support and several connectivity options, device makers can easily bridge a variety of different network standards like LAN, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Fiber and DSL, as well as utilize mikroBUS boards for IoT type networking standards such as ZigBee, Sub GHz, Bluetooth and others.

Products based upon the ClearFog Base can take also advantage of its Flash and M.2-based internal storage options so that data can be stored and located securely on a local network – reducing the risk of any data compromises that plague cloud storage.

“We developed our ClearFog single board computer to take full advantage of the power offered by Marvell’s Armada 38x SoC and to give users a head start in engineering new products based on this powerful new platform,” said Kossay Omary, SolidRun co-founder and technology leader. “Our new ClearFog Base open development system is an ideal solution for those looking for a powerful SBC in a compact form factor, with a plethora of I/O options to serve a wide array of potential applications.”

Powered by Marvell’s Armada 38x SoC, the ClearFog Base is packed with the latest technologies that enable it to open the Gigabit bottleneck at home, allowing home networks to maximize bandwidth utilization. SolidRun’s ClearFog Base SBC is equipped with an embedded memory subsystem, numerous I/O options, and is compatible with a variety of power, memory and storage configurations to serve a wide array of applications. ClearFog also provides a GPIO-based mikroBUS socket supporting MikroElektronika’s Click board modules. More than 150 Click boards are available, including I/O, wireless, sensors, transceivers, displays, encoders, pushbuttons, and advanced GPS modules.

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