SolidRun deepens its product portfolio with the latest Renesas RZ/G2UL offering

Renesas RZ G2UL

SolidRun is happy to announce its expansion into the Renesas based RZ/G2 portfolio with the introduction of it’s new RZ/G2UL System on Module, a powerful and efficient system-on-module solution based on the RZ/G2UL family of SOCs from Renesas feature many ordering options such as WiFi/BT, eMMC, DDR and is available in industrial temperature (-40c to 85c). The successor product from this partnership is designed for use in entry level embedded applications, industrial and building automation, industrial controllers and IoT solutions.

These SOMs feature the RZ/G2UL CPUs 64-bit Cortex-A55 processor core, which offer 20% more processing power than Cortex-A53 core running at the same frequency. Additional features include camera input, Ethernet, USB, and multiple I/Os for a variety of applications. Together with an attractive price point and a stable supply chain, the RZ/G2UL brings a competitive advantage to customers who wish to leverage advanced technology in their products and reduce their R&D development costs.

Designed for small form factor devices like building security, heat metering, fleet management and HVAC, these SOMs have a compact size of 47 x 30mm and are pin-to-pin compatible with SolidRun’s RZ/G2LC SOMs, giving customers more options for hardware in their IoT, building automation, security, and other applications. The new RZ/G2UL SOM can be paired with the feature-rich Hummingboard Pulse carrier board for expedited prototyping and product development.

The RZ/G2UL CPUs used in these SOMs adopt the Linux kernel provided by the Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) and offer the verified Linux Package (VLP) on the CIP Linux kernel, reducing the amount of Linux maintenance required by customers and ensuring long-term software support for devices based on the RZ/G2 platform. The RZ/G2UL SOM attractive pricing starts from $27 USD for entry level configurations. Customers can order these products at and will receive an optimized board support package, stable long-term support for select software distributions, access to SolidRun’s support tools, and sample source code to help expedite the development process.

More details are available in the RZ/G2UL product page.

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