Analog Devices unveils time-of-flight measurement applications for SolidRun’s i.MX8M Plus SoM

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Analog Devices recently introduced an innovative addition to the growing list of use cases that leverage the powerful and versatile i.MX8M Plus SoM (System on Module) from SolidRun – a new TOF (“Time of Flight”) camera.

TOF technology, which uses refracted light to perform highly-accurate object measurements, is being deployed in a wide variety of applications, including automotive safety, gaming, robotics, and autonomous vehicle navigation.

The TOF camera, together with the computing power of the embedded SolidRun SoM, provides measurement accuracy of– 3 mm at a distance of 5 meters.  A recent demonstration of the technology showed its effectiveness in automating package handling and delivery fulfillment operations.

Embedding up to four Arm Cortex A53 cores and a 2.3 TOPs NPU, the SolidRun SOM offers the outstanding performance needed for demanding network-edge machine learning and computer vision applications, while minimizing physical and power consumption footprints.

In addition, its array of high-speed interfaces (2 x Gigabit Ethernet, TSN, PCIe Gen 3, USB 3.0, CAN-FD) make the i.MX8M Plus SOM an ideal choice for industrial IoT and HMI applications.

Developers can also benefit from SolidRun’s carrier board and camera kits, which can serve either as evaluation/reference platforms, or as a ready-to-use application development environment.

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