Name: Ubuntu
Active No
Purpose General Linux
Ignition install No
Compatibility All IMX6 MicroSoms
More information
Maintained by unknown
Forum Solid-Run Forum
Website ubuntu.com


Ubuntu is a fork of Debian, focusing on ease of use and predictable release management. Every six months a new version is released. The version number of Ubuntu denote the year and month in which that version was release (so 12.10 was released in October 2012). Support for CuBox is not yet included in the upstream Ubuntu release. Therefore, be careful when upgrading to a newer version.

Official SolidRun Images


There is one images available for CuBox-i:

  • Ubuntu (Default user name linaro, password linaro)

These images must be flashed to an SD card.

Community Ubuntu Trusty Server

A community created and maintained image has been published based on Ubuntu Trusty and the 3.14.14 kernel, primarily by community user igorpec, and contributed to by the SolidRun developer community.

  • Ubuntu Trusty Debian Wheezy server image CLI only (Default user name root, password 1234) by Igor Pecovnik