Name: Ignition
Active Yes
Purpose OS-Installer
Ignition install N/A
Compatibility All IMX6 MicroSoms
More information
Maintained by Solid-Run
Forum Solid-Run Forum
Website Download-Site


gnition is the CuBox-i and HummingBoard simple installer. It's main intention is to easy the installation of a selected set of distributions from the Internet.

It is by itself a small distribution that should first be flashed to an SD card. Once booted, Ignition can be used to choose the distribution that you want to install. This should simplify the process if a distribution is not available as a separate disk image.

Getting started

  • Flash it to an SD card. Ignition is very small, if you want to override it with a distribution in the installation process, make sure that the SD card is large enough to fit the distribution that you wish to install
  • Make sure that the CuBox-i is connected to a monitor/TV via HDMI, USB keyboard or mouse.
  • Installation is done only from the Internet; so either wired or wireless connectivity is required.
  • Place the SD card in the CuBox-i and power it on

Using Ignition

After a successful boot, the install menu will be shown. In case Cubox-i or HummingBoard are connected through the wired network (Ethernet) then it will DHCP to get IP address and present distribution list.

In case of wireless, then click on Setup wifi and configure wireless connectivity.

Select the distribution from the list and press the Install button.


Distributions that can be installed using Ignition:

for a list of all distributions that can be installed using Ignition.

Add Distributions

Please contact Solid-Run directly to add a Distribution