IMX6 mikroBus


Solid-Run's Hummingboard Gate official supports MikroElektronika mikroBus for the Click-Boards.

MikroElektronika is constantly expanding its range of click boards™, small extension boards with a standardized mikroBUS™ pinout that offer easy hardware expandability and rapid prototyping for embedded developers. The current range has over 150 click boards™, with new ones being added almost weekly. The mikroBUS™ pinout is what makes designing and prototyping with click boards™ so simple. Developers can just plug a clickboard into a corresponding mikroBUS™ socket, instantly connecting it to a target development platform without having to perform any additional hardware settings. MikroElektronika’s latest generation of development boards carry mikroBUS™ sockets; the company also offers a line of simple shields that add mikroBUS™ connectivity to today’s popular development platforms like Raspberry Pi®, BeagleBone, LaunchPad™, Discovery, or Arduino. The pinout itself comprises two 1×8 female headers containing all the pins that are used by the many different modules found on 150+ click boards™.


The mikroBUS™ standard defines mainboard sockets and add-on boards used for interfacing microcontrollers or microprocessors (mainboards) with integrated circuits and modules (add-on boards). The standard specifies the physical layout of the mikroBUS™ pinout, the communication and power supply pins used, the size and shape of the add-on boards, the positioning of the mikroBUS™ socket on the mainboard, and finally, the silkscreen marking conventions for both the add-on boards and sockets. The purpose of mikroBUS™ is to enable easy hardware expandability with a large number of standardized compact add-on boards, each one carrying a single sensor, transceiver, display, encoder, motor driver, connection port, or any other electronic module or integrated circuit. Created by MikroElektronika, mikroBUS™ is an open standard — anyone can implement mikroBUS™ in their hardware design, as long as the requirements set by this document are being met.

About MikroElektronika


MikroElektronika is a renowned producer of a wide range of development tools and compilers for various microcontroller families. The company designs and manufactures complete solutions for PIC, dsPIC30/33, PIC24, PIC32, AVR, 8051, PSoC, as well as TIVA and STM32 ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. MikroElektronika’s goal is to provide software and hardware tools that are easy to use, save time and help get the job done quickly. This approach attracts both hobbyist and professionals. MikroElektronika is an authorized design partner and premier third party partner of Microchip® and an official consultant and third party partner of Atmel ® Corporation, Texas Instruments® and STmicroelectronics® and more.