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A distribution is an operating system, usually based on Linux. It includes the Linux kernel, drivers, and software packages. It often has a package management system to install new packages. Below is an overview of all available distributions for CuBox-i and Hummingboard. (IMX6 Series)

Only Yocto, Android and Debian is supported by Solidrun - all other Distributions are community images.

SolidRun IMX6 Distributions

Unsupported Community IMX6 Distributions


The bootloader of CuBox-i and Hummingboard is unified. This means that (in principal) every distribution can run on every model. However, certain features of a distribution might prevent it from running correctly on all models. Even if a distribution is compatible with lower-end models, running resource-heavy programs might not work. For example, a distribution with only a command line interface might run on the lowest model. Adding a full graphical desktop will not work correctly on lower-end model, but can work on high-end models. In such a case, a distribution is still listed as compatible for both low-end and high-end models.

The Cubox-i and Hummingboard family have largely the same specifications. If a distributions is listed as compatible, it means it should work on both CuBox-i and Hummingboard hardware. For custom orders, take the device that is closest to your specifications.

On each distribution's page, the infobox lists for which the distribution is suitable. This information is based on the assessment of the maintainer of the distribution, and users using it. If you believe a distribution is listed as incompatibly but is nevertheless working okay, please update the compatibility option. Just remove the line |notcompatible-*=salmon.

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