The Broadcom/TI Bluetooth/Wifi Chips are located optional on the MicroSom.


It supports: Single-band 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n and BT 4.0 (BT LE)
(FM, 5Ghz etc …is not supported on our MicroSoms)


  • Since 10/2016: 1.5 rev got Wilink8 chips
  • till 10/2014: The current models got BCM4330 chip.
  • Before 9/2014: First models have been produced with the BCM4329 Chipset (limited to BT 2.1)

Connector type for antenna:

  • Hirose u.fl

BT Limitation:

How many bt-devices can be connected: In theory, as much as the USB will allow you. But there will a point where the radios will cause too much interference with each other because BT is a limited spectrum. If you plan to collect data via BT then you should be fine.


NFC is not supported/implemented. But you can use an external device or a ClickBoard at the Hummingboard Gate.

Additional Wifi-Adapters:

The uSOM comes with one wifi chip, there is an option to add another one on the carrier not on the SOM

The internal wifi device does not have any AC support.