CEx7 A8040 COM Express


SolidRun’s CEx7 A8040 COM (Computer-on-Module) based on the COM Express Type 7 standard form factor was developed with a focus around server class, hardware virtualization and networking solutions. The CEx7 A8040 will be offered in the Basic (125mm X 95mm) configuration, providing developers full flexibility.

  • COM Express Type 7 form factor
  • Based on Marvell 88F8040 featuring Quad Cortex A72 ARM processors
  • Up to 16GB DDR4 (64 bits wide)
  • Enterprise Linux support
  • Full virtualization support
  • Hardware accelerated security


Description/Model CEx7 A8040 COM
Form Factor COM Express type 7
Carrierboard ClearFog CX 8K (coming soon)
Processor Marvell ARMADA A8040 quad-core Cortex ARM A72 (up to 2Ghz)
Memory and Storage Up to 16GB DDR4 (64 bit) (ECC Optional)
EMMC (Optional - up to 128GB)
Connectivity 2 x XFI/RXAUI/SGMII
1 x PCIe Gen 3 (4 lane)
I/O and Misc. 1 x USB 3.0
3 x USB 2.0
SPI bus
Security Fast Secure Boot
OS Support Linux Kernel 4.4x, Buildroot environment
Optimized Linux kernel 4.4 and newer
Power 12V
Dimensions 125mm X 95mm
Enclosure Optional Metal Enclosure