A38X Clearfog


With the Industry’s best Price Power Performance Ratio, the Marvell ARMADA 38X offers 1.6 GHz per core, has a proven SoC and wide scalability. Its compatibility with ARM v7 CPU power and Neon Linux packages means it has the widest support for standard ARM Binary Software without the need to recompile them.


Description/Model Clearfog A-Model Pro
MicroSOM A380 / A388 SoM
Memory and Storage 256MB / 1GB
uSD / eMMC (optional)
Connectivity 2 x mSATA/mPCIE
1 x USB 3.0 port
1 x Port dedicated Ethernet
6 x Port switched Ethernet
1 x SFP (A388 only)
I/O and Misc. Analog Audio/TDM module support
GPIO Header (MikroBus)
Indication LEDs
User Push Buttons
PoE expansion header
RTC Battery
FTDI (Console Only) / Debug Header
JTAG Header
OS Support Linux Kernel 3.x, OpenWRT, Yocto
Power Wide range 9V- 34V
Advanced Power Control
Fan Control
Dimensions 225mm x 100mm

[Clearfog Carrier Pro - Dipswitch/SW2Freq]

Frequency Configuration via Hardware

Default 1-5 off

Hint: The right dip switch on the picture.

Dipswitch CPU MHz L2 cache MHz Fabric clock MHz DDR Mbps
all-off 1600 800 250 1600
2-on 1066 533 250 1066
3-on 1333 666 250 1333
2,3-on 666 333 250 666
2,3,4-on 800 400 250 800

There will be overclocking options too in the future to 1.8ghz/2.0ghz with newer DDR devices - but this is not public for now.

Debugging Port (MicroUSB/RS323)

You can find a MicroUSB-Port under the USB3-Port.

Clearfog Pro enclosure

Weight 0.45 kg ClearFog Pro aluminium enclosure.