SolidRun Jumpstarts IoT Product Development With Intel Braswell Based SOM

SolidRun Now Offers a Robust Line of Intel Braswell-Based MicroSoMs and a Feature Rich Carrier Board Designed to Reduce Engineering Costs and Time to Market for Intel-Based IoT Solutions

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL–(Marketwired – September 21, 2016) –

Building on the company’s solid reputation of producing components that significantly reduce engineering costs for product manufacturers,SolidRun’s new 14nm Intel Braswell chip based MicroSoM makes harnessing the power of these powerful processors for IoT applications incredibly simple. At 53mm by 40mm, these new MicroSOMs provide unheard of design flexibility while also eliminating the headache of having to design complicated power-delivery subsystems thanks to its single power input rail design. SolidRun’s Braswell MicroSOM also offers flexibility in RAM options, ranging from 1GB to 8GB configurations, and offers on-board support of eMMC storage up to 128GB. Its robust design and unsurpassed HD Edge surveillance, event detection, and statistical data-extraction capabilities makes it the platform of choice for mission-critical applications requiring guaranteed reliability.

“Intel’s Braswell family of quad-core CPUs are ideal for embedded applications and IoT solutions thanks to their incredible performance, excellent thermal efficiency and low power requirements. However, designing products that utilize these robust chips can be daunting thanks to complex power management challenges and complicated documentation,” said Rabeeh Khoury, SolidRun CTO. “We designed our Braswell-based MicroSOM to eliminate the hassle of developing Intel-powered solutions. We’ve achieved this by providing a clear, one-page instruction sheet with our products. We dramatically reduce engineering time by enabling on-module CPU power management, so that all developers have to do is supply the MicroSOM with a single rail power input. Additionally, our MicroSOM supports a unified development platform, allowing developers to design, test and deploy on a unified target platform.”

For manufacturers wanting an even greater head start on engineering x86-based products, SolidRun offers the SolidPC Q4 single-board-computer (SBC). This ready to deploy SBC is compatible with all SolidRun Intel Braswell based MicroSoMs and offers a variety of communications interfaces that are ideal for IoT product designs, including Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 3.0, HDMI and DisplayPort output, IR receiver, and provisions for Bluetooth and WiFi. Manufacturers can deploy products using this carrier board as-is to drastically reduce time to market, or utilize it as a reference design during product development.

Available today through SolidRun, the Braswell-based MicroSOMs can be purchased separately starting at $139 USD, or bundled with the SolidPC Q4 carrier board, starting at $179 USD. To purchase, please visit:

To learn more about the innovative approach SolidRun took to taking the complexity out of designing products powered by Intel processors, please view the white paper at:

For more information about the Intel Braswell solutions offered by SolidRun, please visit

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