SolidRun Debuts SolidSense Edge Gateway with Wirepas Mesh Support

Embedded World, Nuremberg – February 26th, 2019

Enterprise and industrial level IoT networks are about to get a whole lot more capable!

This month, we are excited to introduce SolidSense N6, a new line of i.MX6 powered, enterprise-grade IoT edge gateways featuring robust wireless communications capabilities thanks to Wirepas integration.

We teamed up with Wirepas to develop our SolidSense N6 Edge Gateways to ensure that our products provide a seamless, reliable and secure means of creating powerful networks comprised of traditional IoT devices and sensors and wireless, Wirepas-enabled IoT sensors. Our SolidSense Edge Gateways ensure massive-scale communications from Wirepas Mesh-enabled devices backhauled over cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections. Our new SolidSense N6 Edge Gateways also provide support for embedded or cloud-based Wirepas assets.

SolidSense N6 Edge Gateways provide users with flexible radio options that support up to two Wirepas interfaces, which further benefit from Wirepas Mesh’s unique multi-gateway and load-balancing support. This automatically gives higher data throughput and provides support for networks with massive data requirements.

Designed to provide customers across numerous industries with a powerful and flexible solution for managing massive enterprise and industrial IoT data loads at the network’s edge, SolidSense Edge Gateways are offered in indoor, outdoor and industrial form factors with a range of processing and connectivity options that match the workloads and environmental conditions.

Whether their being used to manage a single application or process data from numerous sensors in real time, SolidSense N6 Edge Gateways ideal for asset tracking, security, smart factories, smart offices, enabling automation and more.

All SolidSense Edge Gateways are OEM ready, but SolidRun will work with customers to configure custom systems tailored to any industry- or enterprise-specific IoT needs. All models of SolidSense N6 come backed by a one-year warranty and are available for purchase today from SolidRun.

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