SolidRun Announces First Scalable Credit Card Sized Computer for loT

The HummingBoard™, starting at $45 and available in three models, offers flexibility in design and multiple connectivity options.

Tel Aviv, Israel (Tuesday, July 1, 2014)

SolidRun Ltd. continues to bring innovation to the electronics and computer world as they announce today the launch of their new and powerful credit card sized computer, the HummingBoard™. The HummingBoard was created as a small and powerful, low-cost ARM computer, and joins SolidRun’s popular CuBox-i mini-computer family.

“Unlike the common single board computer, the HummingBoard’s core technology is based on our state-of-the-art Micro System on a Module (MicroSOM™), allowing scalability from solo to quad core and optional WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The technology supports a wide variety of embedded system product needs”

Says Kossay Omary, SolidRun co-founder and CEO.

Starting at just $45, the HummingBoard family offers design flexibility and multiple connectivity options – and is currently available in three models. The HB-i1 has 512MB RAM, two USB ports and a Fast Ethernet network port. It’s powered by Freescale’s i.MX6 SoC (system on chip), and includes a 1GHz ARM A9 core, video acceleration and GPU engine capable of outputting 1080p video. The board also offers access to the computer’s GPIO pins and CSI connector for direct connection to expansion boards, cameras and more. The highest end version – HB-i2eX – comes with additional features, such as a more powerful Graphical Processing Unit, 2 additional internal USB ports, mini PCIe expansion and LVDS interface for connecting to touch screens.

The i.MX6 technology is based on ARMv7 instructions, allowing it to easily support a wide variety of open source operating systems, such as Android, Ubunto, Debian, Yocto, Arch and others. It is one of the best choices for running media applications such as XBMC.

According to Rabeeh Khoury, SolidRun’s CTO, the HummingBoard is an open source community-driven project: “We believe that the HummingBoard will excite both the commercial customers as well as the makers, who will use it to work on innovative IoT projects.”

The HummingBoard is available for pre-order on the company’s website:

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