Redpesk Streamlines SolidSense Edge Gateway Imaging and Deployment

PR partnership IOT BZH

When it comes to deploying any enterprise or industrial computing solutions, a significant amount of time is spent engineering and testing software to ensure a problem-free deployment. The time required dramatically increases when solutions are deployed at scale or at multiple sites, such is often the case with edge gateways used for industrial automation, smart buildings, robotics control, and more. 

Today, the SolidRun team is excited to announce its partnership with embedded open-source software specialist IOT.BZH to make new Linux distributions available to SolidSense industrial edge gateway customers through its redpesk® platform.’s redpesk platform helps SolidRun add even greater value to customers by providing instant access to thousands of Linux software solutions that are pre-tested for our SolidSense edge gateways, including essential and specialized software to fit a variety of industrial IoT needs. This collaboration will allow customers to quickly select their software, build custom images, and hit the ground running quickly with their SolidSense edge gateway deployments.

redpesk®  is a secure embedded all-in-one Linux software platform dedicated to Industrial IoT. It offers an easy-to-use pre-integrated CI/CD factory with more than 2,500 binary packages and a set of basic “ready-to-go” components that nearly every system requires. redpesk® fosters innovation, reduces development costs and time to market, while allowing software teams to scale deployments that benefit from long-term support (10+ years) and over-the-air updates.

SolidSense edge gateways are OEM ready and are configurable to serve most industrial or enterprise IoT needs. Learn more about SolidRun’s SolidSense products here.

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