SolidSense Software Update V0.95

SolidSense Software 0.95

January 15th, 2019

Software version 0.95 further enhances and simplifies the powerful software features and solutions provided for the family of SolidSense gateways.

As part of the software offerings, SolidSense Indoor and Outdoor gateways are now available with optional pre-flashed Wirepas framework (see shop here). We have also published the specifications of the upcoming SolidSense Industrial version – more information coming soon.

There are many new features that are planned for the upcoming months and we are eager to get your feedback on your requirements. Visit the SolidSense developer page to stay up to date.

SolidSense V0.95 Software Overview

SolidSense Industrial Block v095

Key Features

  • Kapua device management Solid Run hosting has moved to production environment. The URL ‘’ has been moved move transparently to the new environment, while the old URL ‘vps…’ will stop working soon. All credentials and data have been moved to the new environment. On top the version of Kapua is upgraded to the latest one.

  • Better Docker support has been introduced with the version 0.92 on Dec 28. In particular the docker-compose package is now part of the standard delivery.

  • OpenVPN client added to root image.

  • The support of Bluetooth by the programmable radio chips (nRF52832) will be available by default for all units not shipped with Wirepas SW. A re-flashing procedure will also be made available for customer wanting to install a Bluetooth stack on this chips. Mixed configuration is allowed (Wirepas + Bluetooth), however chips that have been flashed with Wirepas cannot be revert to Bluetooth. The Bluetooth MQTT gateway integrated with the SolidSense software is directly supporting these new interfaces.

  • Default customer configuration. To avoid manual provisioning of each gateway for large deployment an automatic provisioning feature is introduced. This allow to define all parameters in a configuration file that is to be applied upon first boot thus offering gateway ready to operate on power-up.

How to update?

For any purchase made after January 13th 2019, the update software V0.95 will be pre-installed on all SolidSense devices.

As with our earlier updates, customers running on the early releases (V0.1) are recommend to upgrade to V0.95 as soon as possible.

  • The upgrade requires an eMMC disc formatting and thus all configurations are lost.
  • The upgrade requires physical access to the device.

For these 2 reasons we recommend the upgrade before any large commercial deployment. Update is done by a simple download and USB flash and install via UBoot. See installation procedure details here.

Customers with the recent V0.9 update please send an email to SolidRun support at [email protected] and request a remote upgrade of the your gateways by indicating the serial numbers and the time slot for this operation.

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