SolidSense Software Update V0.9 – With Optional Pre-flashed Wirepas

SolidSense Software 0.9

November 19th, 2019

Software version 0.9 brings a range of powerful features and solutions, aimed at widening the abilities of system implementation and ease of integration.

As part of the software offerings, SolidSense gateways are now available with optional pre-flashed Wirepas framework (see Shop here). This is especially beneficial for development of optimized Internet of Things mesh systems.

SolidSense V0.9 Software Overview

SolidSense Software Overview

Key software features for the SolidSense gateway

  • A Linux Yocto (CIP) kernel

  • Integrated Docker support

  • client for remote software upgrade management (“over the air”)

  • Kura IOT framework for device management and user application development using OSGi

  • Wirepas gateway installed

  • Bluetooth Low Energy MQTT gateway

  • Cellular communication and GPS management

  • Python3 installed for application development

Device management offered as a supplementary service

  • Cloud Device supervision and configuration via Kapua

  • Software management via Mender

How to update?

For any purchase made after November 15th 2019, the update software V0.9 will be pre-installed on all SolidSense devices.

For customers running on early releases (V0.1) we recommend to upgrade to V0.9 as soon as possible.

  • The upgrade requires an eMMC disc formatting and thus all configurations are lost.
  • The upgrade requires physical access to the device.

For these 2 reasons we recommend the upgrade before any large commercial deployment. Update is done by a simple download and USB flash and install via UBoot. See installation procedure details here.

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