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The 5G revolution has begun and now most industries are working towards building the infrastructure to support the vast coverage and incredible speed that comes with it. Poised to deliver as much as a 2,000-percent increase in network speed and support for up to 10-times more device connections than 4G, all while reducing total network power consumption, 5G will reinvent the Internet of Things (IoT) and the role data plays in society.

However, building the infrastructure to make good on 5G’s promises isn’t without challenges.

That’s where SolidRun and our partner Virtium come in. Our two brands share a common goal of proliferating 5G on a global scale. In fact, the two companies are working together to usher in the next generation of edge-computing solutions that emphasize speed, connectivity and efficiency across 5G networks. With complimentary solutions, including SolidRun’s range of computing solutions from COMs to Arm servers, and Virtium’s industrial-grade SSDs and memory, the two brands offer essential building blocks that can help fast-track the deployment of 5G infrastructure and development of enabled devices in order to propel 5G adoption.

SolidRun + Virtium = a Fast-Tracked 5G Future

The speed and widespread coverage promised by 5G is poised to revolutionize several industries, including manufacturing, logistics, farming/agriculture, communications, industrial automation, healthcare, and energy. It will lay the framework for truly smart cities and usher in the age of autonomous transportation.

To design the systems needed to proliferate 5G across the entire ecosystem, hardware solutions that create, route or consume data at 5G speeds must be optimized for reliable transfer of data at incredibly fast rates and be protected against data loss from power failure, but must also offer a new level of security. Beyond how data is handled, these systems must also operate at low power and fit within form factor constraints all while still maintaining exceptional resilience to harsh environmental factors like heat, shock and vibration. These are value propositions that both SolidRun and Virtium are each well known for. Together, the two companies are able to support a wide range of edge computing applications for indoor and outdoor deployment.

SolidRun 5G platforms are ranging from 4 to 16 Cores based on NXP Layerscape LX2160A and  Marvell OCTEON CN913x families.

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