HoneyComb LX2K Arm Workstation – Early Access Sale

Become an early adopter of the new groundbreaking Arm workstation – the HoneyComb LX2K.

HoneyComb is based on NXP’s Layscape 16 core LX2160A Arm Cortex A72 processor, and features 2 x SFP+ (10GbE each), dual channel DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM (up to 64GB), 3 x USB 3.0 and 3 x USB 2.0, 4 x SATA, 64GB on-board eMMC, M.2, PCIe x8 open slot (can support x16), and much more.

Follow the link bellow to read more information on the HoneyComb.

*Early access boards are available until full production board will release around November 2019. Full production price at the end of this limited offer will be $750. Early access boards will ship by October 2019.

HoneyComb LX2K block diagram

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    • Jake Jones
      Jake Jones says:

      Hi Valentin,
      The LX2160 SoC is not user upgradable. The SoC is soldered to the COM Express board.
      Remote management is available via a micro-USB connector. The remote management unit is planned to support direct LX2160 console access, board power on/off, bootloader SPI flash programming, and power level sensing.
      As for Rowhammer mitigation, we are checking this issue with NXP.

      We have managed to close the gap between early access and first production batch, so we’ve taken down the early access specs PDF document.

      Hope this answers all your questions.

    • Jake Jones
      Jake Jones says:

      Hi Alex,
      We are working on mainline support and collaborating with the major distributions to have support included as soon as possible. Debian and Fedora are our initial target architectures and we will provide public repositories and bootstrap images until everything is fully supported upstream.
      Also, we will provide both U-Boot with EBBR support and EDK2 for UEFI support.


    • Jake Jones
      Jake Jones says:

      Hi Marcus,
      You are correct, there’s no on-board GPU.
      Currently we recommend and are testing the Radeon RX series of cards. Trying to balance the GPU power consumption to match that of the LX2160 we would recommend the RX550 or RX560 but if more ports are required the RX570 will also work.
      Additionally there is a new Workstation Grade card from AMD coming out soon that will be a good match:
      Nvidia has announced support for their Compute cards on ARM64, but AMD is actively working on their fully OpenSource drivers therefore they are the best match for our platform.
      As we progress with testing, we will publish a list of verified cards on our developer site – http://developer.solid-run.com/


      • Marcus Williams
        Marcus Williams says:

        Ok, thanks. I’m assuming, regardless of the manufacturer of the GPU card, that as long, as the Graphics Co-processor is of the ADM RX series (480, 570, etc.) and the hardware Interface states “PCI Express x8” that there is some degree of compatible. I just happen to noticed upon searching for ADM Radeon RX 550/560, that the hard interfaces varied from PCI Express x8 to x16. Even, the ADM website stated that the GPU specifications and features may vary by OEM configuration.

    • Jake Jones
      Jake Jones says:

      Hi Jurgen,
      We will ship with a heatsink and fan solution. We are currently evaluating other consumer available solutions that can be used including passive and water cooling options.


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