Intel Braswell Family

Powerful Embedded
Cross-Platform Solutions

Intel Braswell Family

Powerful Embedded Cross-Platform Solutions

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Intel Braswell Family Overview

Intel’s Braswell family of 14 nm SoCs provides developers with a powerful, energy-efficient platform for the most demanding of Windows IoT and embedded Linux applications.  The Braswell series includes processors from both the Atom® and the Pentium® product lines, offering a range of quad cores CPUs, a real-time clock, and a unified development/production platform.

SolidRun now offers a simplified, time-saving solution for developers who want to leverage Intel’s ubiquitous computing platform and x86 instruction set for use in powerful new devices and systems.

  • The SolidRun SOM sized at just 53mm x 40mm, which serves as the core of the solution, providing all computing, memory, and image processing functionalities.
  • Our SolidPC Q4 Carrier Board, which provides external interfaces, enabling access to all of the SOM’s powerful functions.
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Braswell SOM

Embedded system developers, device makers and OEMs: Shorten your development cycle and accelerate time-to-market with our System on a Module (SOM) family. We’ve harnessed Intel’s powerful new Braswell line of 14 nm SoCs, producing a powerful, small form-factor module that is ideally suited for a wide range of Windows- and Linux-based IoT applications.

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SolidPC Q4

Embedding Intel processors is easier than ever, thanks to the SolidPC platform – the 1st of a family of SBCs. SolidRun’s SolidPC Q4 single-board-computer (SBC) and Braswell-embedded SOM serves as an ideal gateway between Intel’s powerful Atom® and Pentium® SoCs and your application – reducing complexity and simplifies the development process. Get your Windows IoT or Embedded Linux system out the door… fast.

SolidRun is a General Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance: a community of embedded developers and solution providers.

Intel Braswell Advantages

SolidRun has implemented Intel’s Pentium and Atom family of SoCs (Codename Braswell) in a range of cutting edge SOMs (System-on-Modules) and boards – for optimized manufacturing, optimal price-performance ratio and reduce time to market for its customers.

Intel Braswell’s (Bay Trail successor) 64bit processors are aimed for embedded applications and IoT solutions with their low power consumption and quad core CPUs that offer more energy efficiency, better thermal and more transistors on the same die size.

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Key Features

  • Intel Atom E8000 main processor
  • Gen8 GPU LP architecture sporting up to 16 execution units clocked as high as 700MHz
  • Airmont based processors
  • SATA gen 3
  • TDP (Thermal Design Power) reduced to 6W
  • 3 Display pipes to support up to 3 external displays
  • DirectX 12 (Windows) and OpenGL 4.2
  • Native MIPI CSI
  • 4 x USB 3.0
  • Dual DDR3 channels, each 64bit @ 1600Mbps

Key Advantages

  • Power-efficient and battery optimized processing capabilities
  • High-performance video analytics
  • Robust processing abilities
  • 14 nano-meter manufacturing technology (FinFET)
  • 4K support
  • One platform for Windows, Linux & Android
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