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Wirepas, a provider of software for wireless, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, has developed a unique, new networking technology – called Wirepas Mesh – that is designed for use in large, enterprise-grade IoT deployments.  Wirepas Mesh (WM) is an innovative communications protocol stack that represents a major breakthrough in the realm of IoT network scalability.

In this article, we introduce Wirepas technology and its implementation in SolidRun’s Edge Gateway product line.

What is Wirepas Mesh?

Wirepas Mesh (WM) is a wireless communication protocol for IoT devices.  As a de-centralized technology, Wirepas Mesh networks are uniquely reliable, robust and scalable.  

Wirepas Mesh eliminates the need for end-to-end signaling and centralized network management.  The processor-agnostic WM protocol stack is embedded in the radio IC and communicates with the device’s application layer to provide mesh network support.

The de-centralized, scalable nature of the WM network enables devices to make decisions independently.  Each device can adjust TX power, choose optimal frequency channels, and select best neighbors, depending on the device’s physical location and current environmental conditions.

About Wirepas Massive

Built upon Wirepas Mesh technology, Wirepas Massive is a software implementation of Wirepas Mesh that provides highly-scalable connectivity for massive IoT operations.  A single Wirepas Massive network can support up to 4 billion devices.  

Operating in the 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz frequency ranges, battery-powered devices with embedded Wirepas Massive software interwork with each other to create large IoT networks, each device performing a dual role as both endpoint and router.

Designed for mission-critical industrial performance, Massive provides four-9s reliability in large-scale deployments, multi-channel operation, and secure, AES-128 standard encryption.

Wirepas Massive’s advanced routing capabilities support multiple gateways without using subnets.  Mesh technology and channel-selection autonomy enable the creation of a dynamic, self-healing network.  Massive’s interference measurement capabilities allow for dynamic frequency channel selection.  Any two connected devices can independently select a new channel without affecting the rest of the network.

Technology Review

Wirepas operates using a mesh topology, in which any element in the network can dynamically establish direct connections with any other element in the network.  Mesh networking offers a single horizontal connectivity layer – as opposed to hierarchical networking, in which devices communicates with each other and with management systems via dedicated routers, switches, and gateways.

Devices that communicate via a mesh network can leverage the inherent advantages of mesh topology, such as increased throughput, reduced power consumption, and robust network availability – making the topology ideal for IoT networking.

To integrate WM technology into their products, developers license the Wirepas Massive software, with is fully integrated with a growing array of radio SoCs.  Massive is supplied with a northboud API that can be accessed by a wide variety of IoT applications.

Wirepas protocol stack diagram 1

Wirepas and the SolidSense Edge Gateway

SolidRun’s SolidSense Edge Gateway is a family of enterprise-grade Internet of Things gateways designed to connect to a network of IoT devices, in support of a wide range of solutions and business applications. 

SolidSense leverages the powerful Wirepas connectivity features in order to build out industrial-strength IoT networks and backhaul their traffic over cellular, Wi-Fi, or LAN connections to the wide-area network (WAN).  The gateways also provide support for embedded or cloud-based Wirepas traffic.

The SolidSense Edge Gateway provides additional network backhauling flexibility, offering support for two Wirepas interfaces, which can be used to leverage the unique Wirepas’ multi-gateway and load-balancing capabilities.

diagram Wirepas
diagram Wirepas mobile

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