128th MPEG Conference – Video Coding for Machines

October 6th & 7th-11th – Genève International Conference Center, Switzerland

VideoAI mpeg

Our partners at Gyrfalcon Technology® are pushing video AI with a new Video Coding for Machines (VCM) technology standard.

The new coding technology will build on MPEG’s new CDVA standard, and will enhance video based machine learning by optimizing video extraction in real-time. Gyrfalcon and SolidRun have been working together in implementing the Lightspeeur® AI acceleration chips on a number of SolidRun’s platforms, poised to offer superior AI capabilities within edge computing solutions.

Gyrfalcon are leading the new standard in the coming 128th MPEG conference in Geneva (October 7th-11th) with a discussion on the CDVA standard at the VCM ad-hoc group meeting on October 6th. If you would like to take part in this event, please contact us for further details and registration.

Attendees are welcome to participate in discussions, submit proposals and use cases, and help guide the direction of the new standard. Their valuable feedback is highly appreciated, and will make the upcoming meeting more impactful.

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