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Ignite the spark using our “Ignition” installer, select your OS of choice and with one click of a button you’re all set !

“Ignition” tool is our installer, built specifically for making the experience of using our products more enjoyable and easier. “Ignition” has all major OS images and the latest distributions; it’s a single source for all you will need. Partial list of the images you will find there: Linux, Android, XBMC, OpenELEC and more.


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Download OS images for Android, Linux and XBMC


OpenELEC – A Kodi Media Center

Version: 5.0.0

Release date: 2014-Dec-27

Default login: root / openelec

Kernel version: 3.17.3

Release Notes


Android KitKat

Version: 4.4.2

Release date: 2014-Oct-19

Default login: No default login

Kernel version: 3.0.35

Release Notes


GeexBox XBMC – A Kodi Media Center

Version: 3.1

Release date: 2015-Jan-29

Default login: root / root

Kernel version: 3.14.14

Release Notes


Debian Linux by Igor Pečovnik

Version: 7/8

Release date: 18/09/2015

Default login: debian / debian

Kernel version: 3.14.y

Release Notes


All iMX6 available OS’s can be found on our iMX6 Software section in the Wiki page

All available images for the ClearFog can be found on our ARMADA 38x section in the Wiki page