SolidRun Redefines Edge AI Processing With Hailo-15 SOM

Hailo15 SOM Blog article

In a significant stride towards advancing AI processing capabilities at the edge, SolidRun just announced that it has expanded its relationship with Hailo to release the new Hailo-15 SOM. This compact, market-ready solution is equipped with the revolutionary Hailo-15H AI vision processor and is ideal for the development and manufacturing of AI vision applications

Unprecedented AI Performance

Equipped with a quad-core Arm processor and a high-performance AI accelerator seamlessly integrated into a single System-on-a-Chip (SoC), the Hailo-15 SOM delivers up to 20 TOPs (Tera Operations Per Second). This remarkable compute capacity facilitates lightning-fast processing for image enhancement, video analytics, and complex deep learning tasks, all within the constraints of standard camera power consumption and cost envelopes.

Superior Image Quality

The Hailo-15 SOM sets a new benchmark for image quality in AI vision applications. Leveraging its AI-powered vision enhancement capabilities, it supports a single 4K60 or dual 4K30 resolution video feeds, coupled with a 12MP ISP video pipeline. This ensures unparalleled clarity and precision in imaging, enhancing the accuracy of AI vision applications across diverse industries.

Hailo 15 SOM Block Diagram

Flexible, Secure, and Compact

Despite its compact size – measuring a mere 47mm x 30mm – the Hailo-15 SOM boasts robustness and resilience. Engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions, from scorching heat to freezing cold, it offers developers a reliable platform for deploying AI vision applications in diverse settings. Furthermore, with its comprehensive software suite and robust security measures, including secure boot and debug capabilities, developers can rest assured that their AI vision applications are well-protected.


The Hailo-15 SOM is now available for purchase through SolidRun’s official website and select distributors, with pricing starting at $149.

For more information on the Hailo-15H SOM, visit: Hailo-15 System on Module| SolidRun (

Heads up!

SolidRun is dedicated to driving innovation in edge AI and empowering the development of next-generation AI-powered applications. With that, we will soon be expanding the Hailo SOM product line to include a Hailo-15M SOM with the same pinout configuration, as well as a new carrier board for quick prototyping.

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Hailo15 SOM Blog article
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