SolidRun addresses the recent news regarding a data breach reported by our partner NXP Semiconductors

SolidRun Notice

The SolidRun team would like to address the recent news regarding a data breach that was reported by our partner NXP Semiconductors. We will not directly comment on the nature of the data breach, however since many of our customers may have accounts on NXP’s developer portals we would recommend you check your email inbox, folders and spam for a communication from [email protected]. If your information was involved in the data breach, you will have received details from NXP about the incident from this email address. 

One part from the e-mail we would like to re-iterate not just for NXP but also our own communications with our customers, 

we encourage you to review the advice below and take the following steps to adequately protect yourself against malicious attempts to misuse your personal information: 

  1. Be cautious of unsolicited communications requesting personal information or containing specific links. NXP will not proactively contact you to request your personal or confidential information. If you ever receive an e-mail or call claiming to be from us requesting this information, please flag it as phishing and report it to the relevant authorities in your country if necessary.
  2. Do not respond to or follow any weblinks from sources other than from official NXP communication. 


Simply substituting NXP with SolidRun expresses our advice regarding communications between us and our customers. The security and privacy of our customer’s information is very important to our company, and we would like to remind our customers that they should also be mindful of malicious phishing attempts from external entities impersonating SolidRun official communications in attempt to collect their personal data. 

Thank you for your trust and patronage. 

-SolidRun Ltd.  

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