Communication & Infrastructure Platforms

Harness The Full Potential of ARM Based Network Computing

The series offers a range of low power, cost-effective price point,  ARM-based L2/3 packet processing platforms with a variety of wired and wireless capabilities. SoC range from 2 to 16 cores and can deliver connectivity of up to 100GbET supporting both commercial and industrial temp. For Edge Computing the solutions offer outstanding computing performance with a powerful packet offload and Ethernet controllers. Applications range from Network-Attached Storage and Wi-Fi Access Points to  5G packet processing, network function virtualization (NFV) and white-box switching.

GTR L8 .0008


   Cortex® A9


 Cortex® A9


  Cortex® A72


 Cortex® A72


 Cortex® A72


ClearFog A388

 This Family includes the ClearFog A388 Pro and A388 ClearFog Base. Alongside the powerful dual ARMADA 388 SoC, the ClearFog includes a variety of I/O and connectivity technologies such as multiple mPCIe/mSATA sockets, PoE expansion header and audio/telephony  making ClearFog A388 the perfect edge or fog computing solution.

GTR S4 .0002

ClearFog GTR A385

Introducing ClearFog GTR A385 – a family of powerful feature-rich ruggedized platforms, including the GTR S4 and GTR L8. ClearFog GTR is built for harsh environments, industrial infrastructure, and edge security, and features PD/PSE Power over Ethernet support – allowing developers a simple way to implement network video recording systems and local industrial edge networks.


ClearFog CN9130

Features the successful ClearFog Base CN9130 and ClearFog Pro CN9130 platforms. Both form factors are widely used in networking and security applications in the embedded market. Based on the powerful Marvell OCTEON CN9130 processor the new platforms can migrate to 64 bit Arm architecture to develop new and robust applications with extensive processing power driving it.

ClearFog CX LX2

ClearFog CX LX2

Harnesses eight to sixteen 64-bit Arm® Cortex®-A72 cores  Incorporates high-performance benefits such as 100GbE, hardware L2 switching, DPAA2 with 100Gbps decompression/compression and 50 Gbps SEC, and multiple PCIe Gen3.0 and SATA controllers. ClearFog CX LX2 is ideal for applications such as 5G packet processing, network function virtualization (NFV), white-box switching, high-processing industrial computers, machine learning, and smart Network Interface Cards.

LX2162 Clearfog side no shodow

ClearFog LX2-Lite

ClearFog LX2-Lite Developer Platform. This platform offers the perfect foundation for creating high performance SD-WAN, network security, and industrial control solutions, and boasts a solid mix of high-performance networking, PCIe, USB and SATA connections, to satisfy a variety of hardware applications.

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