Smallest XBMC player! Quad & Dual core, Blu-ray, Full HD

Smallest XBMC player! Quad & Dual core, Blu-ray, Full HD

XBMC on CuBox-i – The world’s smallest computer & greatest HTPC software

XBMC player turns your television set or computer screen into an explosive multi-media extravaganza, where you can stream videos, music, podcasts and just about any other digital media file. Running XBMC on the CuBox-i is fast and easy, and offers truly superior entertainment for the discerning user.


Endless source of free content

Disconnect your cables, throw out your satellite and send in the final bill to your content provider. With the XBMC player you get access to a never-ending stream of premium content, including first-run movies, TV shows, sporting events and more. In fact, it gives you access to all the content that’s ever been uploaded or broadcast and delivers it straight to your CuBox-i. There’s also a wide range of codecs support and – with scores of volunteer translators – you get not only your desired content, but also free translation into the language of your choice.

Never has so much power been packed into something so small, sexy…

Put your laptop away. With its sleek and elegant design, the CuBox-i melds into your home or office décor. You’ll hardly notice it, but when you do, you’ll love the way it looks.

…and silent

With the CuBox-i you can now fully enjoy your content at any volume – with no whirrs, hums or buzzes disturbing you in the background.



Blu-ray, Full HD and 3D lovers – enjoy smooth streaming all the way

There are few words that can describe the experience of having your Blu-ray film freeze halfway through. Or waiting for your 1080p Full HD video to finish buffering. And waiting. And waiting. Well now you can stop waiting. The XBMC player, combined with the CuBox-i’s advanced 3D decoder and powerful video and graphics engine, provides uninterrupted, high quality Blu-ray and Full HD streaming – every time you watch.


What’s your Cubox-i?

Learn About CuBox-i Models


CuBox-i2 provides the processing power of dual cpu combined with 1GByte of DRAM. It comes with a price tag that fits every pocket.



CuBox-i2eX provides the best value with high performance and enhanced connectivity and feature sets including eSATA support.



CuBox-i4Pro is top of the range with all the bells and whistles, including Quad Core, 2GB of memory size and many enhanced features.

Dive into the stream

XBMC on CuBox-i offers endless streaming options from every kind of storage device – including NAT, NAS, local hard drive or the entire web. Start watching a movie from one room in your home, then pause and continue watching from another; the possibilities are limited only by the imagination. And with its high speed internet connectivity, the CuBox-i can run HDMC as a playback, becoming an XBMC client and serving files to the network, just like an NAS.


Cast off – with the Quad-Core XBMC player on CuBox-i

Watch the videos you’ve taken with your Smartphone, on your TV set, with just the push of a button. Or start watching a film on your phone, and then switch instantly, to finish it on your living room screen. The XBMC player enables you to cast from Smartphone to big screen easily and for free.



Go ahead. Take control.

One dynamite new feature of XBMC on CuBox-i lets you control the program’s menus in numerous ways. Choose the one that’s right for you, or go for them all and operate XBMC via Smartphone, keyboard and mouse, infrared CEC (TV remote control), wireless UPNP device, or any other Human Interface Device (HID).

Stay at the center of the action – with free Live TV

tvWith hundreds of channels broadcast 24 hours a day, and content ranging from sports and entertainment to education, you can now seamlessly watch and record all of your favorite programs – even schedule recording in advance. The CuBox-i’s unique hardware d-interlacing engine brings you Free-to-air (FTA) content from around the world, instantly and with no buffering. Never miss another show or game, and enjoy the same programs as cable and satellite customers do – only do it for free.

Finally – a one stop shop for all your music entertainment

musicThe XBMC player on CuBox-i locates and streams music found anywhere on the web, classifies the content and lets you create your own music directories. It also gives you background information on any song – title, album, artist and more. Best of all, with no fans or mechanical parts, the CuBox-i is totally and utterly silent – so you can enjoy your music the way you were meant to.


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