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SolidRun Community Wiki pages

The SolidRun Community Wiki pages covers the CuBox-i, HummingBoard and the SR-uSOM-MX6 i.MX6 based MicroSOM


Information for users

First Steps and Howtos

Use cases

How do you want to use your CuBox? Play music and video on your television, use it as a web server or file server, or as a full desktop system? Below is a small overview of different use cases.


A distribution is a complete operating system. Some distributions are general Linux systems and can be used for a lot of uses. Others are geared to just one particular use case.


It is impossible to brick a CuBox-i with just software. However, in case you did something wrong, your CuBox-i might no longer boot. Your first step should always be to flash a new distribution to an SD card, and see if that solves the problem.

Information for developers

Getting Involved


CuBox-i Hardware

HummingBoard Hardware


What is a MicroSOM?

i.MX 6 Single-Core System on Module

i.MX 6 Dual-Core "Light" System on Module

i.MX 6 Dual-Core "Full" System on Module

i.MX 6 Quad-Core System on Module

Kernel and boot loader

Building and installing the kernel and the bootloader

Boot process

Setting the eFuses for MicroSOM and Hummingboard

More resources

CuBox-i and Carrier-One Resources Links

IRC channel

Obtaining Android ADB access to CuBox-i

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