Showcase competition

What fresh innovation have you come up with, using your CuBox? Your community wants to know!   Up to 30 CuBox projects will be featured in the launch of our new website, and their makers will receive our brand new HummingBoard as a prize. How it works:

  1. Make a video of your creation – up to 90 seconds maximum.
  2. Upload it to YouTube with the title: [Your Name] CuBox use case.
  3. Send us an email with a link to the video, 30-50 words about yourself, and around 250 words describing the aim of your project, how you did it, and how satisfied you are with the results. Email address:

Deadline: All submissions must be sent by April 25th, 2014, midnight. Those to be featured will receive confirmation by May 10th, 2014.   No project is too big or too small We’ve been getting great feedback about the CuBox from so many of you, all around the world, and we’ve been hearing about some really creative uses. So show us what you’ve discovered! If you’re excited about the results of your efforts, we will be too.


  1. cctsao1008 April 8, 2014 Reply

    looks very great!

  2. Spiro Telegadis April 23, 2014 Reply

    This is exactly what I have been looking for in an home entertainment and automation device. I’ve been using Raspberry Pi boards but have been disappointed in the overall performance of the SOC. Really looking forward to the release and I hope I am lucky enough to land one of the promotional devices.

  3. Bill April 24, 2014 Reply

    Looks good, but will it support HDMI-CEC with XBMC? Honestly, that will be your major target market. If it does not support CEC, it will be pretty useless to me. Otherwise, I will be watching for these to be on sale very soon.

  4. gabriel June 11, 2014 Reply


    I saw this post a bit late, really nice idea.
    I would like to participate but the deadline was ‘some’ time ago.
    Is there an opportunity to send my idea?


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