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XBMC launches v12.0 - Frodo!

Team XBMC has officially launched XBMC 12.0, codenamed "Frodo". If you want your CuBox to become a fully-fledged media center, look no further - XBMC consistently performs beautifully, and with this new update, has become even better.

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Hardfloat JDK available for the CuBox

After feeling more than a little ignored, Java developers now have something to smile about, with Oracle releasing a brand new version of the Java Development Kit on Linux for ARM processors. That means - you guessed it! Java on your CuBox!

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Gaming on your CuBox? Why not!

Many people discount Linux gaming without a second thought, thinking that it must be a long, complicated process involving lots of terminal commands, text-only interfaces, terrible graphics and a comprehensive knowledge of electronics. However, with a CuBox, this is far from the truth.

We might focus on a few key applications for the device, but it's useful for all sorts of other things, and if you're looking for something quick and easy to do over the weekend, why not load up a few games! You could even turn it into a family affair and get the kids involved - plus they'll have something fun to play with afterwards.

All you need is a CuBox (with keyboard, mouse and monitor), a Linux install (we used the very stable Ubuntu 10.04), and an internet connection to start off with. Once you've installed your games of choice, unplug the ethernet cable and play to your heart's content!

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How to turn your CuBox into a DIY Squeezebox music player

A few years ago, if you were in the market for an music player that could handle MP3s and internet radio stations, the Logitech Squeezebox ecosystem was a pretty good option. It could handle just about every music service that's been popular over the last few years (Pandora, Slacker, Napster,, Spotify, Sirius, the list goes on...), as well as coping seamlessly with your own music collection.

Unfortunately, Logitech discontinued the Squeezebox in August last year (pursuing the Logitech UE internet radio system instead), but some clever sort has figured out how you can turn your CuBox into a Squeezebox - and thanks to 505 in the forums, we can share the secret!

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ArchLinux for ARM ...for CuBox!

Let's continue our look at alternative operating systems for your CuBox. So far, we've checked out Nemo Mobile and OpenSUSE, today it's time for a bit of ArchLinux ARM, a sleek little distro focussing on simplicity and giving the end user full control.

The development team works closely with the primary Arch Linux developers to maintain a bunch of packages built "on the target device, for the target device", with optimised releases specifically for ARMv5te, ARMv6l, ARMv7, Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 - that means there's one designed specifically for CuBox technology!

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ZoneMinder: A security solution on your CuBox

We've had a look at a couple of operating systems, but today it's time to look at an application that will run on your CuBox without any dramas.

This one comes via PacoLM in the forums - he's using his "wonderful CuBox" for something a bit different: A surveillance solution, keeping a secure eye on his house.

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openSUSE 12.2 on ARM - now working on CuBox

Back at the openSUSE Conference in 2011, a team of developers started working on porting the open-source distro to ARM architecture. As of last week, they've succeeded - and openSUSE 12.2 can now be run confidently on a number of devices, with "best effort" support offered for still more, including the SolidRun CuBox!

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Try Nemo Mobile on your CuBox

If you're looking for an operating system that's a little different, have you considered Nemo Mobile? It's a Linux distro for mobile devices, and - as of a couple of weeks ago - works very neatly on the SolidRun CuBox!

Take a look!

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