Hummingboard - Powerful Linux Single Board Computer

HummingBoard – Powerful Linux Single Board Computer

Fly high with your ultimate IoT platform

Get ready to fall in love with new HummingBoard – a small and powerful, low-cost ARM computer that ignites the imagination. Whatever your dream, the HummingBoard will help make it happen – the possibilities for creating the next great IoT innovation are truly limitless. The HummingBoard allows you to run many open source operating systems – such as Ubuntu, Debian and Arch – as well as Android and XBMC. With its core technology based on SolidRun’s state-of-the-art Micro System on a Module (MicroSOM), it has ready-to-use OS images, and its open hardware comes with full schematics and layout. Best of all, as a Linux single board computer, the HummingBoard is backed by the global digital maker community, which means you can alter the product in any way you like and get full kernel upstreaming support and all the assistance you need.




Connect to anything – if that’s your dream

The HummingBoard offers multiple connectivity options, including:

  • Ethernet port
  • Up to 4 USB ports
  • Mini PCIe
  • GPIO pins
  • LVDS display out
  • HDMI
  • mSATA
  • Digital and analog audio
  • Infrared Receiver (for RC support)
  • Camera interface

All the power you want – all the reliability you need

With the industry’s best Price Power Performance Ratio (P3R), the HummingBoard offers 1 GHz per core, has a proven SoC and wide scalability. Its compatibility with standard ARMv7 CPU power, HardFP and neon Linux packages means it has the widest support for standard ARM binary software packages without the need to recompile them, and the absence of any moving parts makes it long-lasting. Built to comply with both commercial and industrial standards of embedding, the HummingBoard is composed of only the highest quality components.

The HummingBoard’s powered USB enables you to connect USB devices without the need for a USB hub. It’s easier to use, less devices means more room and, better yet, more independence.


What’s your HummingBoard?

HummingBoard i1

The entry level board computer

with many features to

enjoy and benefit from


HummingBoard i2

Comes with double the

processing power and double

the RAM of the i1


HummingBoard i2eX

Expands the capabilities of

the HummingBoard family with

many advanced features

and connectivity options


Supports onboard real-time clock

With real-time clock support, you can power down any time and often as you like.


Your economical playground

Start with the highest power, most advanced model development board for testing and prototyping your product, establishing proof of concept and evaluating the Freescale i.MX6-based SoC. Then switch to one of our more economical models when you are ready for production.


Choose the model that’s right for you

The scalability of the HummingBoard (HB) and its range of feature sets and performance levels allow you to select the model that best suits your needs and your budget. Choose among the Single Core, Dual Core and Advanced Dual Core, with up to 1 GByte RAM and 64 bit @ 1,066 Mbps memory config. All models feature two USB ports and an Ethernet network port, and are powered by Freescale’s i.MX6 SoC (system on chip) including a 1GHz ARM A9 core, Video acceleration and GPU engine capable of outputting multiple 1080p videos. The Advanced Dual Core also supports additional features such as mini PCIe expansion, LVDS interface for connecting to touch screens and much more.

Accessory Compatible

The HummingBoard Linux single board computer was designed to fit inside and utilize many of the existing enclosures and accessories available to members of the open source community. So gear up with cases, add-on boards, camera or any of a long list of exciting peripherals that will complete your package.

Go ahead – take control

Control your HummingBoard in multiple ways – keyboard and mouse, wireless UPNP device or any other Human Interfaced Device (HID). Even synch up your Smartphone to control your HummingBoard through infrared or Bluetooth. Choose your favorite method – or try them all.


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