HummingBoard Carrier - i.MX6 ARM Board, Single Board Computer

HummingBoard Carrier – i.MX6 ARM Board, Single Board Computer

What’s on the inside is what really matters

At just 85X56 mm, the credit-card sized HummingBoard i.MX6 is the ideal embedded solution for virtually any product you can imagine.

HummingBoard Carrier

Plug and play

Just connect a MicroSom to your HummingBoard carrier and you’re ready to go. The HummingBoard comes with full documentation and ready-to-use OS images for Yocto, Debian, Android, XBMC and other operating systems, as well as an open source SDK software development kit. The HummingBoard i.MX6 Single Board Computer, as with all of our products, is an open source software and hardware product. That means you can use our HummingBoard carrier board as is – or as an open and free reference design to help you build your own carrier board – and that you have total support from the global Linux and maker communities.

Looking to shorten your development cycle?

Dramatically reduce time to market, with the HummingBoard. With this production level, easily customizable solution, you can get your product out in time to stay ahead of the game.


Make that connection

The HummingBoard contains the ideal number of connectivity options for every possible use – all in one tiny, hand held solution. Specially designed to fit inside and utilize most of the enclosures and accessories available today to the open source community, the HummingBoard is compatible with a long list of useful peripherals, including cases, add-on boards, camera and more.


What’s your HB Carrier?

HummingBoard Carrier Base

Includes basic features that, combined with your choice of MicroSOM, provide an excellent, low-cost computer board solution

HummingBoard Carrier Pro

Adds many advanced features on top of the base version, focusing on more connectivity and IO. An excellent choice for IoT-centric products


The optimal IoT platform , specially designed according to business needs featuring brand new features such as eMMC, mSATA, enclosure and much more.

Most economical way to scale up or down

The flexibility of the HummingBoard i.MX6 provides the ideal product testing environment. With all parts interchangeable, you can start with our high-power, advanced development board to prototype your product or execute proof of concept. When you’re ready for production, just switch to one of our basic models.


Always open

As a member and strong backer of the Open Hardware community, our HummingBoard hardware designs are completely open and always available. Along with your HummingBoard, you’ll get detailed schematics, Gerber file formats and PCB layout for endless possibilities and total freedom.


Cost effective

Cost effective by Price Power Performance

Optimized to provide the most powerful embedded solution possible at an affordable price, the HummingBoard offers the industry’s best P3R.

Standard compliance – optimized build

Standard compliance Determined to meet all major industrial and commercial standards of embedding, we used only the highest quality components in creating the HummingBoard. The HummingBoard offers reliability, long-life and guaranteed manufacturer support for the years to come. We think it was worth it. We think you’ll agree.

High quality for peace of mind

PeaceOfMindWe carefully select components and technologies that will ensure high quality materials and manufacturing processes, while keeping costs at levels that enable us to provide a competitive and viable product. And as a HummingBoard owner, you become part of a very large ecosystem with a global community backing you up all the way.

Maximized efficiency

The HummingBoard’s over-designed power management and higher conversion efficiency exploit most of the features of the Micro-SOM.



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