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CuBox Developer Platform

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CuBox Developer Platform is a highly energy efficient and miniature open source development platform for different applications, like multimedia, set-top-box, NAS, automation and other applications.

Named by combining the words 'Cube' and 'Box' and while being less than 2"3 in size, the platform can stream and decode 1080p content, with desktop class interfaces, all in less than 3 Watt (*) and less than 1 Watt in standby. 

The platform is based on Marvell Armada 510 SoC and includes the following key features - 



  • Linux based distributions like Ubuntu, Debian and others
  • Android
  • 800 MHz dual issue ARM PJ4 processor, VFPv3, wmmx SIMD and 512KB L2 cache.
  • 1080p Video Decode Engine
  • OpenGL|ES 2.0 graphic engine
  • HDMI 1080p Output (with CEC function)
  • 1GByte DDR3 at 800MHz
  • Gigabit Ethernet, SPDIF (optical audio), eSata 3Gbps, 2xUSB 2.0, micro-SD, micro-USB (console)
  • Standard Infra-red receiver for 38KHz based IR controllers.
  • No JTAG required. Unbrickable for Developers (**) 

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Typical Applications

The platform is open platform for developers that can develop their own use cases. Following are samples of typicaly applications can be deoployed -

Android TV

Android TV is a port of Android for set-top-box. It can have the original Android GUI which is typically optimized for smart phones, or can be skinned for set-top-box look and feel.

Since the system incorporates ARM processor, the system can run standard Android applications while maintainig it's optimized ARM libraries (typically deployed via NDK).

Refer to Android TV section in the forums for a sample port of Android to this system.

Media Player

The system incorporates multi format full HD video engine that can be used for media decoding. Together with the 3D engine the user can develop a media player that has rich and smooth GUI, and decode content.

The media player can be controlled via simple infra red controller (using built-in IR receiver), smart phone via network or RF keyboard and mouse via external USB dongle.

Refer to XBMC section in the forums for a sample port of XBMC to this system. 

DVB-S/T/C Set-Top-Box

USB DVB-S/T/C can be connected to the system, thus enabling free to air content delivered via satellite, terrestrial or cables.

With the built-in video decoder, all decoding function can be offloaded to a dedicated hardware engine, keeping enough CPU bandwidth to deal with subtitles, menu items, overlaying etc...

Digital Signage

The system is so tiny that can be easily hidden behind a flat TV.

With the processing power, graphics and video features rich multi layer scenes, videos and ads can be composited to provide rich and eye catching digital signage player.

Network Attached Storage

With the built-in eSata port 3.5" external drives can be connected to the system making few Tera-byte class storage system.

Together with the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port, fortified by hardware TCP offload engine sustained high speed bandwidth can be achieved.

Standard open source packages like Samba, rTorrent, Transmission and others can be installed to assemble classical home NAS systems.

Thin Client

Combing powerful processor, fast networking, keyboard and mouse; the user can install RDP, VNC or other remote desktop application to easily connect to other PC in the home, or connect to server in the office.



(*) Test was done while streaming 1080p / 10Mbps h.264 advanced profile content over 100Mbps. Worst case power consumption might be higher.

(**) Bricking a product (software wise) is a common mistake developers do. The product incorporates features that can recover the system, without the use of JTAG, even if the boot loader was completely erased.



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