SolidRun's Story, How the World's Smallest Computer was Born

SolidRun’s Story, How the World’s Smallest Computer was Born

Meet SolidRun

Welcome to SolidRun – our home away from home, dream come true, fantastic voyage to the heart of the Internet of Things. It’s been a lifetime in the making, and we’re still rubbing our eyes to make sure it’s all real.

 We’re Kossay Omary and Rabeeh Khoury, the company’s co-founders, and since childhood, computers and electronics have been pretty much all we’ve wanted to do. For over a decade and half, we worked at leading edge, global embedded companies like Marvell, as experts and executives, introducing new products and pioneering new technologies.

In 2010, we started smelling change in the air – all around the world. We could feel it – a pulsating hum, signifying the arrival of the future. The world was moving in a very definite direction, and several trends were about to converge. Very few were talking about the ‘Internet of Things’ but the signs were all there. Computers were on their way to full integration everywhere. There was rising demand for smaller, energy-efficient and low-cost computers. And an increasing effort by the open-source community to support new projects and initiatives could be clearly seen.

So we decided to jump. Rabeeh gave notice at Marvell and Kossay left behind a lucrative consultancy. We found a super-cool location for our lab, high in the hills of the Galilee, and got to work on what eventually became the SolidRun CuBox – the world’s smallest computer ever. And we’ve never looked back.

We are proud to be doing what we love, and providing a product that has true value for consumers and the embedded world alike. And for the first time in our lives, we are actually using the products we create, in our personal, daily lives. This lets us know where they excel, and where improvements can still be made. We’re also in constant communication with our community of makers and developers located throughout the world on 5 continents – we provide support; they give us feedback; and as Paul once sang, it’s getting better all the time.

In each of our products we use only the highest quality components to ensure long life, and every one of our decisions is made with consideration to its effect on society – from our decision never to use tantalum capacitors; to working in conjunction with a local NGO to provide employment for elderly citizens who cannot subsist on their social benefits; to co-sponsoring educational projects.

And all of this is possible because of you – the community that works together, to spark new innovation and create something the entire world can truly enjoy.


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