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Warning The instructions on this page only apply to the CuBox based on the Marvell Armada 510 chip. For the newer CuBox-i, based on the i.MX6 chip, please refer to the CuBox-i wiki

Information for users

What is CuBox?

A quick overview of everything that is possible with CuBox.


The CuBox Installer is the easiest way to install a new distribution on the CuBox.

Software applications

How do you want to use your CuBox? To play music and video, as a web server or file server, or as a full desktop system? These articles explain how to set-up your system, and which distributions can be used for each application.


A distribution is a complete Linux operating system. Almost everything is possible with every distributions. But some distributions are easier to set-up, or more geared to one particular application. If you don't know, look at the software application section first, or compare the different distributions.


It is impossible to brick CuBox with just software. However, in case you did something wrong, CuBox might no longer boot. This troubleshooting section provides help.


Discuss everything CuBox related on the forums.

Information for developers


Everything you need to know about the hardware in this little box.


The bootloader (U-Boot) is the first software that starts, detects attached hardware, and starts an operating system. With U-Boot commands, the complete start-up sequence can be controlled.

Kernel compilation

You can compile your own kernel for CuBox. Some specific configuration and patches are needed.


Drivers are needed to control the CuBox hardware.


Need help with CuBox development? Many developers are on the IRC channel

There are a total of 68 pages.

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